Make it: washi tape covered container


The giveaway winner was chosen and posted in the widget! If you didn’t win, but still fancy yourself a pretty jar for markers, pencils, knitting needles, crochet hooks, branches, or whatever, make one yourself! It would probably be the easiest project you ever undertook.


The only supplies you need are: an empty container (this is a plastic container that had cheap grated parmesan; we eat a lot of pizzzzza), washi tape, mod podge, and a paint brush.

Cover the jar in washi tape and then give it a few thin coats of mod podge. That’s it.


The diagonal lines were trickier than the straight horizontal ones, of course, but it still worked out nice.

Fun fact: my container of mod podge is older than my oldest child (he’s almost 7)! It’s on its last leg and will probably be replaced soon.

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