Crochet: Simple Statement Ornaments

Simple Statement Ornaments

You knew these were coming, right? It’s just about mid-November, so that means it is perfectly acceptable to start making ornaments for your tree or to gift to family. These are quick and easy and if you liked the Simple Statement Wreath but didn’t think you had a place for one in your house, these would be a nice substitute.

Let’s get started!

Simple Statement Ornaments materials

2″ cabone ring (I used wooden ones by Boye)
3.75mm (F) hook
small amount (approx. 10 yards) of worsted weight yarn

Simple Statement Ornaments steps

one: start with a slip-knot around your hook and grab a loop from front to back through the ring (two loops on hook)
two: yarn-over and pull through both loops on hook
three: grab another loop from front to back through the ring (two loops on hook)
four: yarn-over and pull through both loops on hook


repeat steps three & four until you have 45 stitches around your ring. If you are going with a larger or smaller ring, make sure you end with a multiple of THREE.

Slip-stitch to first stitch, then begin border rounds.
Border Round 1: Ch 1 and SC into same stitch, ch 4, *skip 2 stitches, sc into next stitch, ch 4; repeat from * until 2 stitches remain. Ch 2, DC into first SC. (15 loops if you began with 45 stitches around the ring)

Border Round 2: Ch 5, SC into first ch-4 loop, ch 5, *sc into next ch-4 loop, ch 5; repeat from * around, ending with a slip stitch into top of DC of last round. (15 loops)

Fasten off, weave in ends.



Use those regular wire ornament hooks to hang them from your tree. Or string them up like a garland. Or make a mobile. Or blow your own mind by making a wreath out of them! A bold statement wreath out of simple statement ornaments based on the simple statement wreath. That’s just wild. I’ll stop, now. I’m sure you can come up with more on your own. Have fun!

316.365: ornament and bokeh

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