Decoration: ruffled streamers

the birthday house

One of the party decorations I knew I HAD to make for my boys party were these ruffled streamers I saw on MADE.

I was a little nervous, because my sewing skills leave something to be desired. I hesitantly bought 5 different colored pack of crepe streamer at Hobby Lobby and tried it out.

diptych: the ruffled streamers

EASY PEASY. Like, seriously. I think it’s the perfect project for someone like me who has had problems getting the right tension when sewing. You want the paper to ruffle! I kept my tension at about 6 and everything came out perfectly! My machine was a little hot and bothered by the end of it, though.

The best part, though? The boys like them. AND they make a fantastic backdrop. I took some photos of Andrew on his birthday, yesterday. The streamers will stay up until after Nathan’s birthday on June 2.

140.365: the birthday JOY

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