F-O-U-R. 4!

birthday fun

My baby turned 4, today. Wahooo! You may remember how he was born on the sidewalk. I will never NOT plug that birth story on his birthday.

He’s such a sweetie and thanked me profusely every single time I told him “happy birthday!” He was so happy and that made me happy. These two weeks are full of birthdays–him, his brother (6/2), his Poppie, his uncle–so we had a tiny little birthday par-tay at grandma’s house, on Saturday night. Today, we took it easy, and in early June we’ll have a double-fun-super-awesome-birthday-spectacular for both boys.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Andrew’s third year.

post-park face

175.365: the dreamboat

diptych: little bits

epitome of silly

ohhhh, shiny!


260.365: the pillow hog

back lit baby

287.365: the blanket kid diptych

dapper profile


the boy with the hat

little tumbleweeds

"1, 2, 3, CLICK!"

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 3

mr. roboto

just swing

the last


the attitude


I hope you enjoyed this little retrospective of photos. I must admit–I’m going to be a little bummed when my favorite photo subject goes to school in August. Sigh.

the “It’s my birthday!” Giveaway


AKA a giveaway of some of my favorite things, right now. ♥ ♥


The prize pack includes:

2 rolls of washi tape
2 feet of fabric tape
a friendship bracelet
a little doily
a washi tape-covered container
24 Sharpies (12 fine, 12 ultra fine–yours will be brand new, in their package)
spring time cotton slippers, crocheted by me in this sweet turquoise & orange combo

Enter now!
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Retrospective: Nathan

I celebrated six whole years of motherhood, yesterday. Six years of life for my son, Nathan. It was also his last day of kindergarten!

He wanted to go bowling, so we went to a little alley a few blocks away. We were starving when we finished, so we stopped at a favorite restaurant of his for dinner. They sang to him (his face was adorable when they showed up and burst into song) and gave him a free sundae! After he was done eating it, he made a request that we make this a birthday tradition for the rest of his life. That’s right, ladies…to win his heart, just give him some ice cream topped with fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a maraschino cherry. He’ll be forever yours.

Let’s look back. A photo from every year of his life–



And now, he is SIX.

153.365: SIX

Handsome and funny and full of energy!


great pose

Our first day of summer vacation is going smoothly. He has a workbook to help keep his brain from shutting down and I’m starting a chore routine of cleaning in the mornings.

Plans for the rest of the summer include: not dying from heat, planting the rest of the tomato plants, taking a Metro ride to a museum or two (& to try out the Metro Rail!), working on our reading skills, getting Andrew to learn his ABC’s, and eating lots & lots of frozen popsicles!

real life + summer crafts

summer love

For those of you who have inquired about an apron pattern, I’ve finished drafting one and will put up later this week! I’m going to go through it again and make sure I didn’t miss anything and that the directions are clear and concise.

My boys party was pretty darn fun. His teacher made it a point that if he wanted to invite friends, he had to invite the whole class. So. We did. I was a little bit afraid no one would show up and absolutely terrified they ALL would. How many did? ONE. She brought along her 2 sisters (one a year older, one a year younger), and baby brother who is Andrew’s age. A friend of mine from high school brought her daughter and with the 7 kids total, I was exhausted at the end. I cannot even imagine the chaos that would have been a bigger party! Boy! I bow down to you super mamas.

Like, I said, though, ’twas fun! So fun, I didn’t snap any photos until my kids were opening gifts. ooopsies! You’ll just have to trust me when I say the kids had a terrific time in the moonwalk. Nathan partied ’til he puked. That’s right. He lost his lunch after a bunch of jumping in 90-degree heat. Luckily, his friends were gone already, so only me and grandma witnessed it. We forced him into a chill-out period in his bedroom. He was drenched in sweat and looked awful. After about 2 hours of cool down, he couldn’t help himself and came back down and jumped some more until we turned the moonwalk off.

Sorry for the puke story. I gotta keep it real!

ANYWAY. I am SO GLAD IT’S OVER. And I’m also glad that it was a party for both kids and I don’t have to repeat it all in a few months. I can rest until next May. I don’t care about any events except my boys’ birthdays! That’s the mom life for you.

Now, I have time to do more goodknits related stuff. I have the apron pattern and also the Terzetto beanie pattern to share!

I’m taking a break from typing, today, though, and spending my evening cutting and/or tearing this fabric into strips so that I can make some gnarly fabric tape.

151.365: fabric tape to be

Lovely summer florals!

Any super sweet summer projects going on? For us in Coastal Texas, June 1 = summer. 90+ degrees every.single.day. I only wish it would rain. My lawn is dying!

Decoration: ruffled streamers

the birthday house

One of the party decorations I knew I HAD to make for my boys party were these ruffled streamers I saw on MADE.

I was a little nervous, because my sewing skills leave something to be desired. I hesitantly bought 5 different colored pack of crepe streamer at Hobby Lobby and tried it out.

diptych: the ruffled streamers

EASY PEASY. Like, seriously. I think it’s the perfect project for someone like me who has had problems getting the right tension when sewing. You want the paper to ruffle! I kept my tension at about 6 and everything came out perfectly! My machine was a little hot and bothered by the end of it, though.

The best part, though? The boys like them. AND they make a fantastic backdrop. I took some photos of Andrew on his birthday, yesterday. The streamers will stay up until after Nathan’s birthday on June 2.

140.365: the birthday JOY