Retrospective: Andrew

andrew is here

Three years ago, I experienced the most amazing birth and welcomed my little Andrew to the world with the sun shining on my face and the concrete rubbing my knees. He hardly cried and nursed like a champ (he gained a whole pound PER WEEK for 12 weeks). He pretty much ruled.

andy looks this way

Then, he turned 1…

He's two.

and 2.


Tomorrow, he turns 3. Sometimes, though, he looks 13.


I put up streamers (he’s wearing part of one!) and will make him a cake tomorrow morning. Party next weekend! Weeeee!

on spring cleaning and BIRTHDAYS!

diptych: spring evening

Why does this time of year always seem to sneak up on me? My littlest turns 3 on Friday and then almost 2 weeks later, my oldest turns 6. You know what that means–CRUNCH TIME for party planning. The party will be smack dab in the middle of both birthdays. At what age do you think they’ll start hating me for forcing them to share a birthday party?

It will be the first time my son invites kiddos from his school to a party. His last day of Kindergarten falls ON HIS BIRTHDAY! So…we’re all pretty excited. The RSVP is now a lost art form, so I’m actually flying in the dark when it comes to preparing for the kids that show up. I’m going to be making extra everything and if NO ONE shows (oh gosh..) then I’m taking the party to THEM on that last day. Basically, WE WILL PARTY.

I’m spending the next week and a half-ish getting my house in order. I figured I should make a list of all the rooms that need to be cleaned/decorated/whatever and then check them off day by day. I can tackle one room a day, right? That’s totally reasonable! Kind of sad, but there are some rooms in our home that have yet to be really decorated properly. I just hope that once I get a room in order no one messes it up before the party. I’m going to have to be on high alert til then.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it on the day I have to clean the boys’ room. GAHJFKLAJFLFKDJ! THE HORROR!


Sorry about that.

We’re all moved in. Not completely settled, and I don’t quite know how many weeks we’ll be living out of boxes, but all our stuff is HERE. Allow me a bit to get my bearings. I’m still trying to get used to some things, like: having a garage, the plethora of insects that exist, my kids having their own bedroom, not eating out every day, having a backyard to throw my kids into, etc. It’s fun!

I only just got internet service a few days ago, so it may take me a while to catch up with blogs. If anything super duper spectacular happened, please feel free to link a girl up! Thank you alllll for your kind comments of congratulations and whatnot. I really appreciate it. :)

While I was gone, two events took place. One: my cousin graduated from high school. Two: my oldest turned five. FIVE! CINCO! CINQ!


rainbow cake!

I made him a rainbow cake. He’s into rainbows right now. Ask him what color he wants to paint his room and he’ll reply with “rainbow.”

Taste the rainbow [cupcake]

Today has been all sorts of awesome. Andrew actually slept in and so I got to putter around in the morning. After breakfast, he noticed my [naked] cupcakes on the table and promptly requested one. I couldn’t deny the birthday boy a cupcake, so I split it with him. He loved it. A little bit later, I frosted them and sent two on their way with my mom, who was picking up Nate at school, to give to his teachers.

While we were waiting for Nate & Grandma to return, my sister and I took Andrew outside for some birthday photos with the cupcakes.

cupcake of the month.3: Happy Birthday!

I told you they were pretty! I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of the insides, but believe me when I say they are awesome! It was a beautiful little surprise when you split it. Everyone who had one loved it. Especially this little guy.

happy cupcake face [2]

Nathan requested a giant rainbow cake for his birthday (2 weeks away)! I can’t wait! I used this recipe as a general guideline to making them. My only tip would be to put only 1t of each color batter in the [baking] cups, instead of 2. You wouldn’t have enough batter to do 2 and they’d be huge with 10t of batter. One was sufficient!

#4 on my 25 before 26 list is to try a new cupcake recipe each month.

Happy birth & birthing day

Two years ago, today, we were rejoicing his birth on a sidewalk.

He's two.

I made rainbow cupcakes for his birthday. He hasn’t seen them yet. I’m going to frost them right before we go to pick up his brother from school. I’ll try and get some photos and/or video while we sing that special song. It’s just us, tonight. No party. Just celebration and happiness.