Sorry about that.

We’re all moved in. Not completely settled, and I don’t quite know how many weeks we’ll be living out of boxes, but all our stuff is HERE. Allow me a bit to get my bearings. I’m still trying to get used to some things, like: having a garage, the plethora of insects that exist, my kids having their own bedroom, not eating out every day, having a backyard to throw my kids into, etc. It’s fun!

I only just got internet service a few days ago, so it may take me a while to catch up with blogs. If anything super duper spectacular happened, please feel free to link a girl up! Thank you alllll for your kind comments of congratulations and whatnot. I really appreciate it. :)

While I was gone, two events took place. One: my cousin graduated from high school. Two: my oldest turned five. FIVE! CINCO! CINQ!


rainbow cake!

I made him a rainbow cake. He’s into rainbows right now. Ask him what color he wants to paint his room and he’ll reply with “rainbow.”

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  • Yes! Rainbow! We were going to paint a huge rainbow in the kids room but couldn’t afford all the paint. I think it’d be super fun.
    Faith had her first dance recital. Videos: http://sodarnhappy.com/blog/?p=967 if you wanna say “awww”. She was ridiculously cute.
    & yea, 5’s a big deal. I’ve been feeling all emo and like a cry baby thinking about how Faith will be 6 soon. 6 means she can’t just use one hand to tell people how old she is any more.

  • I think I may just get a canvas and paint him a rainbow on that. His room is currently an off-white. I wanted to paint it before we moved in, but there were more pressing matters and I could never get a kid-free day. Not wanting them to inhale those sorts of fumes, I just left his room as is. A painted rainbow could spruce it up a bit.

    Faith is so pretty! She did wonderfully. Don’t be sad she’s growing up. Think of allllll the amazingly awesome things grown-up Faith will do. If she can make so many people happy as a little person, imagine the happiness she’ll spread as a big one!

    • “If she can make so many people happy as a little person, imagine the happiness she’ll spread as a big one!”
      I’m texting that to Cory right now. We’ve both been all weepy thinking about her growing up, but you’re exactly right.

  • Congrats on the new house! Love the rainbow cake!

  • oh my god! I have never in my life seen such a cake! Way cool. Remind me of all of the illustrations in the geography books from school. don’t know if that is positive or not;)

  • Love the cake Lisa! You’re so talented!

    Glad to hear that things are beginning to settle at the new place. We moved mid-March and I find we’re still transitioning. There’s still a huge pile of boxes in our bedroom. We’re just waiting for a bookshelf to magically appear.

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