on spring cleaning and BIRTHDAYS!

diptych: spring evening

Why does this time of year always seem to sneak up on me? My littlest turns 3 on Friday and then almost 2 weeks later, my oldest turns 6. You know what that means–CRUNCH TIME for party planning. The party will be smack dab in the middle of both birthdays. At what age do you think they’ll start hating me for forcing them to share a birthday party?

It will be the first time my son invites kiddos from his school to a party. His last day of Kindergarten falls ON HIS BIRTHDAY! So…we’re all pretty excited. The RSVP is now a lost art form, so I’m actually flying in the dark when it comes to preparing for the kids that show up. I’m going to be making extra everything and if NO ONE shows (oh gosh..) then I’m taking the party to THEM on that last day. Basically, WE WILL PARTY.

I’m spending the next week and a half-ish getting my house in order. I figured I should make a list of all the rooms that need to be cleaned/decorated/whatever and then check them off day by day. I can tackle one room a day, right? That’s totally reasonable! Kind of sad, but there are some rooms in our home that have yet to be really decorated properly. I just hope that once I get a room in order no one messes it up before the party. I’m going to have to be on high alert til then.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it on the day I have to clean the boys’ room. GAHJFKLAJFLFKDJ! THE HORROR!

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