’tis the season!


For ornaments! And more specifically, little doily snowflake ornaments. Yes, my fingers hurt, but oh it hurts so so good! I really dig making these babies and I really, really, like the way they look hanging about my house. I contemplated just keeping them all. But that would be greedy! So, if you’d like to add some to your holiday decor, or to your Christmas tree, please do check them out, in the shop.

They are being sold in sets of 3, with discounts if you buy more than 1 set. I have some available in cream (shown, ecru, and light teal).

Also! Every order over $5 from now until mid-December gets a free one! So, why don’t you check out the newest additions to my sale section?

I’m going to have some new hats to show off, this week, so stay tuned for those! I went yarn shopping the other day and went mush at the feel of some of this wool!

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