saturday, the 31st

boy&bike [1]boy&bike [2]

Did you know this is the first Halloween on a Saturday since 1998? We took advantage. The boys spent a good chunk of the day outside. The weather was amazing and they toddled around barefoot. Andrew really likes bikes, now, so he had a wonderful time. After dinner the boys got into their costumes (for the second time!) and we headed out down the block–Nate walking and Andrew in the wagon, steered by me!

cowboy nate [2]

andylion [1]
see what I mean about bikes?

365.303: brothers on Halloween

brothers [2]
the awaiting paparazzi! Andrew was weary of these shenanigans.

brothers [4]

I didn’t take any photos of our trek, but Nathan received a few compliments on his costume. He was very brave at scary houses and was [~75%] polite about saying “Thank you” when he received a treat. They spent the next few hours giving out & eating candy, having cake & ice cream (Halloween is Daddy’s birthday!), and bouncing around Grandma’s house. Andrew was asleep before we even left the neighborhood and Nathan dozed off soon after. We got home and they didn’t even wake up! Daddy is now out and my sugar crash is approaching. Sleep sounds delicious. And we get an extra hour, tonight! I hope my kids’ biological clocks got the message.

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