I made progress.

365.210: progress madeSo, it’s hard to knit during naptime when your child refuses to nap. Who would have known?! Anyway, I [thought I] discovered the trick to getting him away from the yarn and needles I am using–give him his own. I found the biggest needle I have and let him hold it. He was in awe at first–shiny! kinda cold! bluuue!–and I knit a bit. Then, he gnawed on the end for about a minute (it’s a little bendy) and I knit some more. Finally, he went wild and started using it like a drumstick, banging it on things like the carpet, a hot wheels car, a pillow, etc. Things were going good and I got to knit for a solid little while. Then…then, he walked over to me, quite adorably, and SMACKED THE HECK OUT OF ME WITH THE HUGEASS KNITTING NEEDLE. I yelped and he of course thought it was hilarious and proceeded to hit me again and again and again until I was off the floor and standing by my craft table. Time for another idea, me thinks.

I got some knitting done, though! I presume I’m about 40-50% done with this. I would know for certain, if I could locate my tape measure. Nathan (4 years old now!) has a habit of commandeering it for play.

Jason (husband. remember him?) will be going on his bi-annual Las Vegas business trip at the end of next month. About a week after the ex-toddler starts pre-K. These two huge events have prompted me to pick out my next major knitting project. I’m finally…FINALLY!…going to knit myself a sweater. I’m about 90% certain I’m going to knit a February Lady Sweater. It’s based on a Zimmermann pattern from my favorite knitting book ever (Knitter’s Almanac). How cool does it look? Very.

The attack puppy:
needle keeper

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  • KasiNo Gravatar

    Congratulations on the progress. I JUST now started knitting again (an adorable Debbie Bliss coat for Cora). She also has an EZ baby surprise jacket that fit for about 10 minutes. Now, I know what I have to look forward to when she is older. At least I have some time to come up with a defensive strategy.

  • could you believe I have two BSJs that don’t fit my kid? It’s pretty tragic, but my fault entirely. I knit one before he was born, not knowing he was going to be so big and the other in the summer (because the first already didn’t fit) not knowing he could get any bigger. I suspect they’re about 6-12 month size. He was in 18m close by the time it got cold in Houston. he wore the 2nd one maybe twice when we got random cool fronts in October.

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