Doily Blankets & a coupon


I added a few “Glory” doily blankets to the shop. Let’s welcome them with a coupon, ok? Save 20% on your entire order with the coupon code SPRING20. If you are interested in a different color, send me an email ( and I’ll set you up with a custom listing!






I still need to take photos of the mustard and gray blankets. I will add them soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine has included: a toddler haircut (!), a trip to the ER (!!), and a lazy Sunday.

Put a doily on it!

a stack of doily pins

Happy Friday, folks! I am super excited today because my home should have air conditioning by the end of the weekend. HOLY EXPENSIVE PURCHASE! We need it, though. We’ve been fine the past 3 months without it because it was winter, but did I tell you about the time we were without it for 3 months IN THE SUMMER? Yeah, that happened when we first moved in. It felt like we didn’t even move in until we got it fixed because we camped out in the living room with a window unit the entire time. It was horrible! 100-degree [coastal] Texas summers are pretty darn bad. And if THIS is Spring, I can only imagine the heat we’ll be experiencing this summer.

ANYWAY! I am finally updating the shop for Spring. Huurah! I started with doily pins. I have 8 different colors available right now. Some classics and some brights. They will all look positively fantastic on your Easter dresses.






I’ll be adding brand new doily blankets (new pattern coming soon!!) in some beautiful colors, like HOT pink and persimmon, this weekend or early next. They’re seriously amazing. I want to live in a box full of doily blankets.

Have a good weekend!

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Custom doily blanket for the holidays

Stack of Blankets

Hello, friends!
I just wanted to pop in and let you know today is the last day to snag a custom doily blanket if you want it on time for Christmas. I limited the number of blankets to three, but I sped through two at lightning fast speed and so I added another. Two listings remain in the shop, HERE and HERE. If you are in the US, these are guaranteed to arrive to you before Christmas if you order today, maybe tomorrow. After this weekend, I can’t guarantee Christmas arrival, but I will do my best!

doilies & love

The August Break 04


287.365: the blanket kid diptych

So snuggable.

If you want to make your own:
PRINTED copy of Lace Love HERE (PDF included and will be emailed to you ASAP)
PDF-ONLY can be purchased HERE

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with a fun giveaway!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday goodknits COUPON!

Let’s start the Black Friday sale early, shall we? With the coupon code SUPERSAVER, you can get 25% off your ENTIRE order from the GOODKNITS shop! I have a few doily blankets left and 3 custom listings and THAT’S IT! Once they are gone, they’re gone, baby. Get ’em while you can. With the custom listing, you can make a note of what color you’d like, or send a photo for me to color match. I will get it made and out to you within a week, depending on where you are in the queue. With the coupon code, you can get your blanket for under $60!

If you’re not in the market for a doily blanket, how about a hat, shawlette, or crochet ornaments?

I also only listed 3 custom orders of ornaments, so if you liked the Simple Statement Ornaments, but don’t know how to crochet, check it out!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, friends! I am thankful for oh so much and I’ll be including you guys when I reflect on all that I have. All my love!

Shop: Dory shawlettes (coupon!)

the shawlettes

Hello, friends! I am here to share the newest addition to the goodknits shop- Dory shawlettes! I released the Dory pattern a few days ago and though I would add some to the shop as an option for folks who do not crochet.





Check out the shop for more photos and other items. The coupon code WOOLLOVE is still available for 20% off your entire order!

If you have any special color/fiber requests, please send me a note on Etsy or email me (lisa[@]!

Have a great weekend, everyone!