Dory is a triangle shawlette crocheted from the center of the longest row out. From the very beginning you have a triangle. Work the 35 rows and then 2 border rows, or omit the border rows and continue working a triangle shawl without the frills.

I used Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool for my sample. This yarn usually gets the bad rep of being scratchy and suited for hats, but after a soak, it fluffed up and softened considerably. It’s super warm and tough. If you aren’t keen on the yarn, the pattern should work with any worsted weight wool.

Approximately 350 yards of worsted (aran) weight yarn
6mm (J) hook

Finished Dimensions
48″ across longest side of triangle and 18″ down center to corner

Available for $2.50 via Ravelry.









Day 01


****Pattern is for personal use only****

17 comments to Dory

  • Question…so when you soaked it…did you just lay it in water for a bit? Or do you put something in your water? I love this!!

  • Cait R

    Yay! Bought it and started it already!!! I love your patterns!

  • I love this! Yet another amazing pattern :) Can’t wait to make one!

  • CarahGus

    Love, love, LOVE! I just bought the pattern…can’t wait to start!

  • This looks so pretty! I might have to get it & try it for myself. :) You’re so talented!

  • Jill

    Does this pattern include the scalloped edge? This is so pretty – can’t wait to make one for myself =)

  • Stacey

    Hi! I ran a purchase through PayPal last week for the Dory, an eCheck purchase. I received a lovely reply from you stating that the eCheck needed to clear before you were able to send me the pdf. I totally understand and am still anxiously awaiting the pdf. I see that the eCheck cleared my account last Thursday. Can you tell me when you will be sending my pdf? Many thanks. Stacey

  • I got some yarn in a swap and while looking for something to use it in I happened upon this pattern on Ravelry. Im really really pleased with how it turned out. The yarn was thinner than you suggested so I took the rows up to 50, but kept the edging and stitch the same. Thank you so much for sharing this! If you would like to peek please visit. :)

  • Christine Woodling

    Hi! Loving this pattern so far and I’m almost finished but I’m stuck. Help! I don’t know what it means on row 2 of the border-double crochet ‘around’ a double crochet. Any help would be awesome! Thanks Christine

  • Amy

    Does the long straight edge start to round inward as you are making it? I’ve pulled it out and started over and the same thing keeps happening. I’m not sure if it’s something that will work itself out in the lengthening and finishing or if I’m doing something wrong in my chain 6 or my tension. Let me know if this is normal. Thanks!

    • Hmmmm. I’m sorry you are having a problem! It should be rather straight. You’re talking about the long side, along the ch-6 and DC edge? Is your tension even through the entire row? How are the chain 6’s? Are you making the final DC in the 3rd chain (so it’s technically an edge of DC, ch 3, DC, ch 3…. across). I didn’t put any stitch counts at the end of the rows in the pattern, but here are some so you can make sure you have the right number of spaces and whatnot–

      After Row 2, you should have two ch-3 spaces on either side of the “corner” space (5 ch-3 spaces in total), these include the ch-3 that gets made with the beginning ch-6 and the space created once you make the final DC.

      After Row 3, you should have three ch-3 spaces on either side of the center/corner space.
      After Row 4, you should have four…
      After Row 5, you should five…
      and so forth!

      If your stitch count is correct and you are crocheting the pattern as written, then it might be your tension. If it is curving toward the corner, like the sides of the triangle are too short and it’s pulling up the long side, then maybe you can change the ch 3 direction to ch 4? That might work.

      If it is curving outward, like the sides of the triangle are too long, then maybe your tension is too loose?

      I hope these tips help. Let me know how it goes!

  • Filipa

    Just bought now the pattern,love,love,love,…Can’t wait to try :)

  • barbara micheau

    I feel so stupid. I am lost from the beginning. I can’t read charts, only written instructions. I don’t understand what you mean by “the corner”. I love this pattern and can’t wait to get going with it. Can you help?

  • These patterns are very beautiful. I really like them.

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