Leaning double crochet clusters

Both Anya and Glory utilize a variation of this stitch. There are photos accompanying Anya (in both Lace Love and the separate pattern), but not Glory. Since I got a question about it, I decided to go ahead and post them. I hope they help anyone who has been confused by this part of the pattern(s).

The directions (from Glory) are as follows:

Ch 5, DC in 4th & 5th ch from hook, *DC in next ch-sp, Ch 3, 2 DC AROUND stitch just made; Rep from * around, slst into beg Ch 4.

Let’s break it down into two photos:
First, you chain 5 and make your DCs in the 2 last chains from the hook. Then, you DC into the next space, Ch 3, and make your 2 DC AROUND that first DC.


See how the clusters look like they’re leaning? Continue as such until you get to the end of the round. Complete the round by slip-stitching into the beginning chain. The corners of the clusters (the chain 3 of each cluster) are what you’ll be crocheting into in the next round.

I hope these help! As always–if you need any help with a pattern, please email me (lisa @ goodknits.com), or ask the group on Ravelry! It’s still pretty new, but if I’m not around, I bet someone else could answer your question.

4 comments to Leaning double crochet clusters

  • Bari JoNo Gravatar

    Great tutorial!!!! :O) To go with great patterns!!! Love your lacey pot post too – what a cute pot! Thank you for the link to Smitten Kitchen – never seen it – looking forward to checking out that blog, too! :O)

  • PaulaNo Gravatar

    how do I do a Ch 3, dcinto next 2sc,dc backaround the 2dc and the ch3 (you will have to put your dc into the middle of the ch3 to hold the dc down)

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. There are no SC in the leaning clusters. In the beginning of the round, you make 2 DC in the last chain from the hook (the 4th ch), then you make a DC in the next space. You ch 3 and make the next two DC around that DC you made into the space. The only time you crochet into the previous row is the DCs that you end up crocheting around. They become posts for your other stitches.

  • AnnabelleNo Gravatar

    Thanks for this little bit of extra info, I’m making Glory as we speak (LOVE the pattern), but those leaning groups weren’t clear to me at first. Can’t wait to have this beauty finished!

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