Crochet: Golden Chevron Baby Blanket

golden waves

Pattern: My go-to ripple blanket pattern; see my other three under the “chevrons” tag, HERE
Yarn: Yarn Bee’s Soft Secret (a Hobby Lobby brand, 100% acrylic); 2 skeins Honey, 2 skeins Hayloft, 1 skein Mist
Hook: 5mm (US H)

Beginning chain of 146, 78 rows, crochet through the back loop only on every row. Took about 10 days from start to finish.




30.365: zig and zag

When I started this blanket, I wasn’t quite set on the color pattern. I have another lighter color I was planning on using, but after I made that first light yellow block, I didn’t think it would work. I wanted the gray to touch both shades, but didn’t want them to touch each other. They still compliment one another, but I like that the gray breaks them up.

golden chevron blanket

36.365: finit

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Crochet: Chevron Baby Blanket

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 29

Pattern: My go-to ripple blanket pattern
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in “Flannel” AND Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly in “Mint” and “Cool Baby” // both found at Michaels
Hook: 5mm (US H)

My beginning chain was 146 and it took about a week to complete. For some reason I didn’t carry my yarn up the side, so I had something like 34 ends to weave in when I was done. Grumble.




I’m kind of in love with the soft contrast of the aqua and mint. I’m usually all for BRIGHT & BOLD colors for baby blankets, but this….this pleases me.


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A Month of Craft Photos: Day 3 [An old FO]

A Month of Craft Photos: Day 3

According to Ravelry, I finished this blanket in 15 days of April 2008. That’s right before this guy was born. It was the only blanket I crocheted for him and of course it still makes its rotation around the house–in my bed, in his, in the living room, dining room, etc. It even went with us when we evacuated during Hurricane Ike. One of my favorite Andrew-baby photos is of him on top of it in a wagon while we were staying at Grandma’s during the evacuation. He was so deliciously chubby. See?

andy wagon



So, yes. This is a nearly 4 year-old FO. Both the blanket and the baby.

[See my other craft photos from this month.]

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The August Break 23 (Jack’s Blanket)

The August Break 24

I am Jack’s big squishy blanket.

My friend is just about due with her second baby– a BOY! She has a daughter that’s Nathan’s age and we’ve been friends almost as long they’ve been alive. I wanted to make something special for her new little one. She once paid me to make a baby blanket for a friend (in my first few years of crochet!) and that made me realize I can create beautiful things for people. She kind of invested in me, you know? That sort of feedback is amazing for growth. Thank you, Courtney!




222.365: the completed chevrons