the Glory details

(see what I did there? :))






I got a custom request for a teal Glory. This is actually the same color I used for the Willow I made for my husband’s grandmother. She’s a crocheter so I knew she would appreciate the work it takes to make a doily. She loved it and I hope the person who receives this teal Glory loves this one just as well.

I have a few Glory blankets available in the shop, right now. If you would like to request a custom color, send me an email ( and I will do my darndest to find the perfect color for you. If you crochet and want to make your own, see the pattern details HERE.

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12 comments to the Glory details

  • That color is gorgeous!

  • AnheloNo Gravatar

    Oh, I want to make one of these so bad, but I am taking a break from crochet, since my doula work is getting crazy and my brain is somewhere else.

  • Wow, talk about beautiful! I love the color choice :).

    I actually have a question. I’ve been working on your Willow Doily Blanket pattern and my edges are super curly. How do you get yours to lay so flat? I’m terrified to think I might have done something wrong. I’ll just live with it being all curled up if that’s the case ;p. I’ve spent way too much time toiling through the pattern to undo it all. Each time I progressed a step further I had to give myself a pat on the back because everything was looking pretty good. I thought (and hoped) the curling would eventually go away. I’m nearly done and the edges are still curled. I am somewhat new to crocheting and came across a technique called “blocking.” Is this something I need to do in order to make my doily blanket lie flat?

    Any advice you have concerning this issue would be super helpful!!

    • Hi Chelsea!
      If you are certain you haven’t made any mistakes on previous rows (if the stitch patterns are lining up, but just curling), then perhaps you are working a little tight. If you try the pattern again, you could increase your hook to a K and it should help. How big is the blanket? Most of my Willows have been about 36-38″ depending on which yarn I used.

      If you worked in a natural fiber (like wool or cotton) you can try blocking it out. If you are working in acrylic, maybe a run through the washer and dryer will loosen things up so you can stretch it a bit.

      I hope this helps!

  • oh my. my my my my. THIS is the color I would want if I were to commission a lovely piece from you. Seriously, so beautiful!!!!


  • Ohhh this is gorgeous!

  • Wow!!! I love it!!! How many time did it take to make this blanket. It’s been a long time I haven’t hold a crochet hook. I don’t if I could do it anymore. Bravo

  • So in LOVE with your new doily pattern and this color is to DYE for :)

    What yarn did you use?

    I just purchased the pattern and I can’t wait to go yarn shopping for this one.



  • LOVE THIS! I love all your doily blankets, though, so maybe I’m biased. I really wish I could crochet, because I would make myself a million of these! Not even kidding. A million.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  • LeAndreaNo Gravatar

    Beautiful! I love the color! I bought all the doily blankets patterns, and I am planning on doing them for Christmas gifts for my sister and family this year. My sister taught me how to crochet 15 years ago! I have been looking for something to do for her for awhile now, and when I saw your pattern I knew I had found it.

  • Such beautiful color you used,wow

  • Hi there! This is gorgeous. I’m really curious what you use to block ON. Blocking boards are awesome but a bit pricey. Thanks!