Giveaway: YARN! edition



Hello, friends! If you hadn’t heard, my lovely little Dory pattern is in the current issue of Craftsanity! I made a few adjustments* to my original pattern to make it more Spring-friendly. In celebration of SPRING and all things yarny, I’m having this little giveaway!


To convert my Dory into something one could wear during Spring, I scoured Ravelry for yarn inspiration. There is SO.MUCH.YARN. out there.

I happened upon Bamboo Cotton (worsted) by Three Irish Girls and was smitten by some of the colors. It was a little pricey, but I bought two skeins from someone’s stash in the beautiful Sweetmint colorway. I knew I would love the color, but what won me over completely was the softness. Ohhhhh my goodness–it is SOFT. I wound up my skein immediately and got started. Soon enough, I had a lovely Spring shawl and only 9 yards left! Perfect!

Unfortunately, the Bamboo Cotton is discontinued, so I went on the hunt for something more widely available. I landed on Cascade Ultra Pima. It is equally as soft and available in a multitude of bright colors. It took a whole skein plus a few yards of the next, but I figured out a few adjustments** to the last border row to make it a one-skein project.


And now, the giveaway! I have a skein of Bamboo Cotton and a skein of Ultra Pima, so that means TWO winners! The first winner will select which they want and the second will get the other yarn. They’re both gorgeous, so there aren’t any losers here. Both winners will also receive a printed copy of Craftsanity! If you aren’t a crocheter and have zero interest in my Dory pattern, do not fret–there are knitting patterns in this issue (and all others), too! There’s something for everyone, so this giveaway is open to knitters and crocheters alike.

To enter, just leave a comment below letting me know what projects are on your to-do list this Spring!

Giveaway ends this Friday, March 30, at 11:59pm CST. I’ll announce the winner shortly after! CLOSED!!!


*My changes include using either of the two Spring yarns above + a 6mm hook and crocheting fewer of the main body repeat. It’s still the same size as the original, just lighter because of the yarn and gauge.

**Make a slst between each scallop instead of a sc.

107 comments to Giveaway: YARN! edition

  • CaitNo Gravatar

    I have a couple of afghans I would love to finish up but my friends keep having babies and they have been loving the Willow doily blankets as crib blankets, roll around on the floor blankets, and extra layers to make their pictures pretty, so I have a few of those I have to make first.

  • My to-do projects are a few more doily blankets for gifts! :)

  • KrissieNo Gravatar

    This spring I’ve been working on several slouchy hats. I also have some amigurumi that I want to start. This weather has been so beautiful it’s inspirational!

  • I just adore that shawl, it is on my to do list. I am am making several more Willows because I have had many requests from my family.
    One thing I have on my to do list is a scrap afghan for me. I fell in love with the summer cottage afghan from Cozy things.

  • All the winter scarves I never finished! ;o)

  • Jamie RogersNo Gravatar

    I’m finishing up a scarf right now, but this spring I really want to try to make an infinity scarf! I also do want to learn to crochet soon :)

  • AnnaKNo Gravatar

    blanket for my baby

  • ChrissieNo Gravatar

    I have so many thing on my list, but I’ve just finished a huge blanket, so I’m off to finally finish some shawls for me. And I’ve been thinking about doing willow for a Christmas present, so I’ll be obsessing over yarn choices. :)

  • MaureenNo Gravatar

    I would love to make a sweater coat for myself. But I also have a sweater I must make for a 4 yr old to be and a few baby blankets.

  • I want to organize my craft supplies.

  • I need to work little by little on my granny square blanket! My goal is to have it finished by the time it is cold again. :) THAT is my big old project.

  • sydNo Gravatar

    My list of spring projects is really, really long… besides gardening, I am working on several toys (fuzzymittens bunnies have me in their spell!) and baby cardigans – plus a few hats for my kids, and hopefully one for me (I keep giving away my own hats!). It’s a busy spring, luckily the sun gives me energy!

  • JodyNo Gravatar

    I am three octogons away from finishing all the pieces of the Moorish Mosaic afgan from Interweave Crochet Fall 09 magazine. Then I just have to weave in ends and sew it up. I’m trying not to start anything new until it’s done…so close!

  • so many working on this shawl right now then id like to start this dress and after that i need to start knitting some jumpers for next fall..and maybe some more spinning :)

  • HeatherNo Gravatar

    I can honestly say that the Dory pattern is on my MUST DO list! I also want to make a summery hoodie and scarves and hopefully I’ll have time for socks!

  • I want to make some Mobus bangles based on the cowl pattern on!

  • kolpinNo Gravatar

    all sorts of baby gifts!

  • I love those yarn colors and what they are made of! So soft! I have a scarf that I need to finish, as well as two amigurumi animals. One is a koala bear and the other is a jellyfish.

  • ChristieNo Gravatar

    I’ve got so many on the go.. top priority is to finish off lion and giraffe toys for a couple of toddlers to enjoy! Must get round to figuring out how to work my new blog too :D

  • GraceNo Gravatar

    i have a few projects for the spring… a baby blanket for a friend (crocheted), finishing sewing my bedroom curtains, and working on an afghan for my brother.
    Thanks for the great blog!

  • Wow, its beautiful! I should learn to crochet just for this :-)My to do list is knitting scarves for Christmas presents because I’m s l o w.

  • Amanda ANo Gravatar

    I would LOVE to make a scarf with either of these gorgeous yarns! Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway! Oh gosh, this spring we have so many…we’re wanting to paint the main level of the house and do other reno. projects, and I’m teaching myself some cable stitches, and learning to machine sew!

  • jackieNo Gravatar

    Since we have a new baby on the way, my to-do list is miles long :) My top priority is a blanket for the little one. I LOVE the Dory though, so I might have to squeeze it in ;)

  • Denise GlynnNo Gravatar

    I have a table runner that I am currently working on. But really love the Dory and will likely make one soon!

  • mmlNo Gravatar

    I’m trying to teach myself how to knit/crochet stuffed animals. :)

  • JessieNo Gravatar

    I’m hoping to finish up my first-ever shawl soon & use it as a springy accessory (sock yarn in pinks and oranges=springtime!). And then I’m going to look at making a warm-weather garment. Maybe a skirt, or a tank top.

  • I love the colours you chose!
    My next project is the owlet sweater for kids. My girls would love it!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amy SNo Gravatar

    I have some socks and a bunch of baby stuff since my sister and her husband are expecting their 3rd kid and my brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first. So i got blankets, socks, hats, gloves and maybe sweaters and pants to make.

  • josephineNo Gravatar

    Those colors are so beautiful! My to-do list is so long but right now, I really want to start working on a granny square blanket. I also need to finish up some infinity scarves and also some headbands!

  • CarmenNo Gravatar

    I just started making some bunnies. It’s only the second time I’ve tried dpns so it’s challenging me.

  • Hi, my spring project is to learn crochet and to make an afghan! :)

  • I plan to knit a spring cardigan for my niece and a vest for my son.

  • Kelly K.No Gravatar

    I plan to knit my first adult sweater and it will be for myself!!! Of course there will always be socks running in the background because self-striping socks are super addictive!

    Thanks in advance for such a fun giveaway!

    Ravelry ID: kellknit

  • AngelaNo Gravatar

    I’d like to make an afghan for my daughter.

  • SarahNo Gravatar

    A cotton shawl! it will be perfect for spring weather – it’ll be cool and breezy and extra purdy!

  • TommieNo Gravatar

    I want to make a few embroidery pendents. I fell in love with yours and would love a few anchors…

  • ~ * ♥ * ~

    On my to-do list is to finish knitting my very first cardigan, then i want to knit a pixie hat and an super long elf hat to wear snowboarding! Also, more sweaters and jumpers – you see, we are going into winter down under, not spring. :)

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  • hey, very inspiring blog!
    I started to work on granny square blanket and Im close to finish it :)
    My friend has a new babyborn, so I plan to do the little vest, booties and hat for her.
    Keep shipping your niec ideas!

  • I’m working on the cloisonné mittens and I’m about to cast on for a Sonia shawl. And oooh that yarn looks lovely and I’d love to win some!

  • my to do list is more like a telephone directory now….. i really dont know where to start and then find myself scouring Pinterest for even more creative goodeness!

    Love the give away and what cute colours!

  • KellyNo Gravatar

    i’m getting ready to move into a decrepit “cabin” that my boyfriend owns for the summer. So cleaning that up is pretty high on my to do list. But crocheting is never far behind. I’d like to make summer clothes items a light shawl for cooler nights, a tank top, and more! I love your blog, found it from Yonder!

  • hi! pretty pretty yarn!

    this spring i’m working on some amigurumi designs i’ve been cooking up in my head. i’m also hoping to gather materials and start some vintage crochet dress patterns i picked up a few weeks ago. it’s turning out to be a busy spring for my hooks and needles!

  • My projects are mostly non-knitting. We have to finish unpacking after moving, I have craft shows to apply to, and I need to register as a business. Not very fun stuff, but super important!
    My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  • EloiseNo Gravatar

    I have plans to make a stole . Haven’t decided on the pattern yet.

  • JoannaNo Gravatar

    My older sister is having a baby boy and I want to make her baby clothes and these yarns would be so perfect for that!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • KathyNo Gravatar

    I want to make a spring/summer sweater

  • I am a knitter at heart, but I have a dress that I would really love to crochet some lovely lace straps for.

  • Alvernia McNelNo Gravatar

    I have a friend that is having Tripels at the end of Sept. So I am going to make baby blankets for them.

  • Beautiful pattern and that yarn is lovely too. I am still trying to finish some socks :-)