Lace Love: Getting There

287.365: the blanket kid diptych

Hello, friends!
Things have been rather quiet around here as I’ve been putting most of my efforts into finishing up this booklet. I have finally made all the technical edits I wanted and only have to actually put the thing together. I’ve written an intro (I felt like a big ol’ dork) and composed a glossary with abbreviations used in the patterns. It’s really coming along!

The photo above is my son snuggling up with doily blanket #2. It’s bigger than the other one, but the pattern isn’t as complicated. It’s still pretty stunning, though. I’m totally keeping it.

blanket boy


Also–I finally caved and got an Instax. I chose the 210 because it reminds me of my Spectra. Oh, I miss using my Spectra. Someone give me a million dollars so I can buy lots of film. My SX-70 is feeling neglected, too.

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