Lace Love: Two Ways!

Just a quick note that I have listed the PDF-only version of Lace Love on Ravelry! You can click [HERE] to view the info for purchasing and see the individual pattern pages. OR click here if you’re ready to buy:

If you are interested in a printed copy, see my listing on Etsy, [HERE]. Printed copies will also receive a PDF version via email. Plus, they will get a little bit of thread to make their brooch and a post-card thank you. It’s only $3.50 more. :)

THANK YOU so much to all who have purchased their copies and have left my feedback. Gah! I love you all!

Lace Love: complete


I am here with some amazing news! Lace Love is complete! I received the booklets yesterday evening. I am without words.

OK, I suppose I do have a few!
The books were printed locally in Houston with funds I received from this month of sponsorship and recent Etsy sales. So, a huge huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shown their support and who has encouraged me to keep going with this project. My PayPal account is empty, but I am so happy!

You can purchase the printed booklet from my shop! Each printed version will ALSO receive a PDF link (emailed within 24 hours) and a few extra goodies from me in the mail. I will release a PDF-only version at the end of next week, but this printed copy is only a few bucks more, so why not? It’s pretty and tangible. You’ll get the PDF anyway. :)

I have set up a Lace Love book page, [HERE]. It includes links to individual pattern pages.

Here are some peeks inside the booklet!!






excitement abounds!

Lace Love: Getting There

287.365: the blanket kid diptych

Hello, friends!
Things have been rather quiet around here as I’ve been putting most of my efforts into finishing up this booklet. I have finally made all the technical edits I wanted and only have to actually put the thing together. I’ve written an intro (I felt like a big ol’ dork) and composed a glossary with abbreviations used in the patterns. It’s really coming along!

The photo above is my son snuggling up with doily blanket #2. It’s bigger than the other one, but the pattern isn’t as complicated. It’s still pretty stunning, though. I’m totally keeping it.

blanket boy


Also–I finally caved and got an Instax. I chose the 210 because it reminds me of my Spectra. Oh, I miss using my Spectra. Someone give me a million dollars so I can buy lots of film. My SX-70 is feeling neglected, too.

Lace Love- wearables sneak peek


I have finished up development on the patterns for a doily-inspired pattern booklet. Lace Love. Among a few other patterns (like TWO doily blankets), it will contain two patterns for wear-ables. I thought I would show some images of those, today. I’m really pretty excited about them.

270.365: crochet bokeh

266.365: Fred

So, what do you think? I am getting started on formatting for the booklet and hope to have it ready by mid-October. Perfect timing to get started on winterwear!