Around the house: Simple Statement Wreath

looking grown

The simple statement wreath has found a home on a bedroom in my wall. I’m always changing the wall above my bed. I hope to find a semi-permanent decoration for that space one day. For now, though, the wreath looks spectacular. I made another one (green!) and it’s above my green couch. They’re different shades of green, so they complement each other well.

I realized a while ago that you can spot the wreaths in some of my photos. The one above was taken yesterday. My Andrew is looking grown up! He sorta-kinda needs a haircut, as he’s constantly pushing it out of his eyes, but I’m waiting for him to lead us. We were close a few weeks ago (grandma got her scissors out!), but he changed his mind at the last minute. I’m letting him decide because the last thing I want is a squirmy screaming child close to sharp scissors. We’ll probably head to a professional and while I’m sure they’re used to scared kids, I don’t want to be a burden on them. So, we wait.


Taking photos of a blanket I was working on and I ended up with a wreath in the background of both!

Have you made a wreath using my tutorial? You should add it to the Ravelry page (click below)!

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