Crochet: A Manly Cowl

crochet pattern manly cowl

My husband is a newly licensed motorcyclist. You have to pass the test with a motorcycle and he’s licensed to operate one, but he rides a scooter. Not just any scooter, though. He has a fancy schmancy Piaggio.

It’s taken a bit to get used to, but I’m finally at a point where I don’t get nervous when he’s been gone for more than 5 minutes. He rides to and from work, to the grocery store when I forget something, to the pharmacy when my bottle of Advil is empty (!), to pretty much any place he needs to go without kids. I keep joking he needs a sidecar so he can take them with him. Really, though, I would never in a bajillion years let me kids ride that thing. NEVER.EVER.EVER. I’m going to be that mom.

But I digress! It’s is feeling like Fall (!!) in the mornings and he requested (!!!) a scarf or “neck thing” to block the fierce wind when he rides. “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” I thought and went to work immediately. His only stipulation be that it didn’t itch. DUH.

After playing with a few different stitches and imagining different designs, I settled on the simplest. A slip-stitch cowl. It’s super duper simple, you’ll laugh. Here’s my pattern:

2 skeins Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton Yarn
[3 oz. (85 g), 103 yd. (94 m) per skein–I used “Spice”]
6.5mm (K) hook

ch- chain
slst- slip stitch
TBL- through the back loop
st- stitch

Ch 75, slst to first ch, being careful not to twist chain.
Slst in each st TBL around and around for about 45 rows, or until it’s 8.5″ tall. You can make it taller, if you have a longer neck.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

That’s it. Seriously. It should fit over his mouth and if he really needs to, he can tuck his nose in there too. He’s getting a smaller helmet (the horror) that doesn’t cover his ears, so this should also be able to stretch over them when he’s riding. If he runs into a store, he can just fold it down. I’m going to make another with some wool because in the winter, it won’t just be windy, it’ll be cold and he’ll want it. I know he will. Wool is good. Everyone needs to go ahead and accept that already.

Modeled shots later, I hope. If I can force him to sit still for 5 minutes.

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  • I reallly like this cowl. Thanks so much for the pattern!

  • wow, this is extremely timely. my husband recently bought a motorcycle, and is still in the process of getting his license. i don’t feel awesome about it, but i’m trying to accept it. i’m gonna see if he’d like a cowl…

    • The first few weeks were terrifying! Especially in the evenings when he wanted to just ride around the block for a bit. He would be gone maybe 10 minutes and I would be internally freaking out. It got better and I trust him to be a safe and conscientious driver. …’s just those others I worry about. Good luck!

  • AnheloNo Gravatar

    Don’t be that mom! What if one day there’s an emergency and they must drive one? It’s better to help them be confident and careful about the usage of dangerous things than let them remain completely ignorant. Plus, they come to an age when they want to try everything you don’t want them to. :)

    • that was sorta-kinda a joke. I sucked at conveying it, though.
      I won’t let them on THAT bike as kiddos, but when they’re old enough and want to learn, I’ll support them! As of now, though, they’re not even out of training wheels. :P

  • Hooray for another scooterist on the road! A cowl is definitely handy when it gets cold. If he’s going to ride in the winter, a full-face helmet is a good idea; it’s much warmer (and much safer).

    You should learn to ride! Really, I never would have though that I’d become a motorcycle girl, but I love my Vespa, and have even learned how to ride a traditional motorcycle. It’s so much fun!

    • He’s been using the full-face helmet the past few weeks. He bought a smaller one because his ride to work and grocery stores around here is less than 10 minutes. He’d rather have a lighter helmet for those rides. I’ll continue to make him wear the big one when he goes on longer distances or when he rides onthe freeway.

      I’m interested in learning, but his bike is maaassive! It’s the Piaggio BV500 and just super intimidating. He said in the future he wants to get a smaller bike for around the neighborhood trips and so that I could learn.

  • You never cease to amaze me! I love everything you do…thanks for adding to my to do list! ;)

  • I wish I had your pattern when I was riding my bikes, I recently sold it but miss the biker life like mad! A cowl like that would have been really useful on cold frosty mornings.

  • That is fabulous! Love that he gets his license and you make him something special. What a great gift and job well done. Love the color too.

  • that’s one of my FAVOURITE yarns!

  • Aah – what an awesome idea! My hubby is a motorcycle rider, and she’s an oldie (so I still worry when he’s gone for long – lol – if only because I know she breaks down, sometimes). I’ll have to make him one of these to keep him warm, cuz it gets cold!… :)

  • KarenNo Gravatar

    How GREAT it is to find this pattern!!! My 23 year old grandson just asked me last week to make him one!!! All we could find were KNIT patterns and I DO NOT knit :-( Anyway, I am very excited to make this for him and to see the look on his face when he gets it!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

  • Karen ConwayNo Gravatar

    While I’m still working on that gorgeous blanket pattern that you just completed and so generously shared with us~I’ve also started this manly cowl tonight…for myself. I’ve been looking for a snugger fitting cowl neck warmer, but have had no luck in the ladies patterns~I think this one will work out great for me. Thanks so much for sharing your work ~ You’re awesome! :] I’ll share and link whatever projects I complete…if I ever actually complete any of them. heheheee