Wool & Wood & Want

the branch of hats

While I wanted to start blogging with gusto in September, I am finding myself straying. Not far, don’t worry. I am just busy crocheting & knitting and preparing stock for GOODKNITS 2011. I thought I’d share a little peek with you.

These hats are my favorite. Made of soft wool in a few different lovely colors. They are slouchy, but still ultra warm.

I’ve also knit up some hats for the MEN. Shocker, I know. I became quite smitten with stranded knitting, though! I had to jot down a few designs for the boys. I’ve come up with a few different colorwork designs and am on the fence on whether I’ll be writing up patterns. I love sharing with my fellow knitters, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort to turn my notes into real instructions. We’ll see!

Do you like my hat rack? A yarn wrapped branch pinned onto my wall. The branch had just the right curvature to make a lovely rack for the hats.

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