The August Break 04 (a sneak peek)

August Break 04

And voila! I have finally developed my own doily pattern. Please do not tell me it looks like a doily you’ve seen before. Just let me keep living my dream. It took a few days to develop and write it/crochet it, the first time. Then it took another day for me to test it myself. I watched 2 seasons of Buffy through out, taking breaks for super demon battles and lovesick vampire scenes. I fixed a few errors in my pattern and…I’m done with it! It’s been so satisfying. The pattern will be released in the fall (wompwomp, you have to wait!). I’ll have more details soon.

I enjoyed this pattern development–and come on, the end result is a beauty, no?–so much, I’m already drafting a second one. It’s a little less intricate, so perhaps I can release it sooner. I’ll keep you posted!

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