Small Style: Nathan 03


MAN, IT’S HOT. Ok. Broken record, I know, but good golly I am SOOOO ready for Autumn. We put our swing-set way back here, between the only 2 trees in the whole backyard. It’s on an easement, so maybe one day the city will need to dig it up, but the swings would not get used if they were out in the sun. No way.

Nathan got a new pair of shoes, today. They’re supposed to be for school, but he likes them so much and I would totally suck if I made him stare at them everyday for the next 3ish weeks before letting him wear them. Who cares if his shoes aren’t brand-spankin’ new on the first day? Not us. He chose these Simple Carport Sneakers because they look like his jacket, but guess what! The uppers are made with 55% recycled wool taken from thrift store coats! AND the bottoms are made from recycled tires. His greatest love is cars, so that fact kind of thrills him. “My shoes are made from CARS.” Yeah. Hello, dream shoes.






Nathan is wearing–
shirt: Children’s Place
pants: old Levi’s
socks: Toy Story (Woody!)
shoes: Simple Shoes Carport Sneakers

Andrew is wearing–
underwear: Spongebob Squarepants

My toddler kind of shuns clothes, these days. I wish I could.

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