Growth: sun worshipper

the sunflower: in the beginning

the sunflower in the sunset

195.365: the petals

197.365: TWO days later!


199.365: the sun worshipper

I planted a mammoth sunflower seed 3 months ago, way back in April. I should have taken a photo of it as a weee little seedling. I started this series when I noticed a bud on the stalk. “FINALLY!” I thought to myself, when I peaked into the leaves. It took about 3 weeks before petals showed up and then only TWO DAYS for the petals to spread out into the beauty it is now. I am wondering if it will grow any larger. I have to resist posting sun flower shots as my Project 365 photos. It’s pretty tough.


Next Spring, I want to plant about 20 of these along my fence line. Imagine that! Dreamy.

How are your gardens growing??? I gave up on my veggies, because of the huge drought we had been experiencing (and my water bill! gah!) and GUESS WHAT! It started raining this week. No flash floods, but a steady drizzle that I HOPE revives my front lawn. If only I had hung on to the jalapeno plant. I’d have more violently hot (seriously) peppers to scare my family with.

My succulents are thriving, but I need to do some re-potting soon. That makes me anxious, so I’m not going to talk about it ’til it’s done. My name is Lisa and I am an awkward gardener.

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