Restyle: lamp shade

restyle: lamp shade

From ordinary black lamp shade to lovely needlepoint-inspired shade. I found a set of 4 hankies that had this faux-cross-stitch all over, at Goodwill last week. I made a rice pack using half of one and used a whole one for this.

While I was doing my own embroidery by this very lamp, I thought about how BLAH the black lamp shade was. I thought about the fabrics I had in my closet and nothing really struck me with inspiration, until I reached this one.

I ripped all the fabric off and was left with a white plastic covered frame. It was still slightly sticky from the original fabric, so I smoothed it out and used double-sided tape at the seam. I hot-glued quilt-binding along the edges to finish it off.

145.365: soft light

Can we talk about how sweet this glow is?

diptych: lamp light

I’m so in love!

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