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Did you see the vintage craft challenge on Thompson Family-Life? I LOVE the idea. Complete a project from/inspired by a vintage pattern and post it to the new Flickr Group, Vintage Craft. Use the group as motivation to complete a project every month! I know I could really benefit from curbing my project-hopping.

I finished a project inspired by a vintage pattern, just last week. It’s a little pin cushion inside of a napkin ring. I found the original idea/pattern in THIS book and changed it up a bit to suit my materials and tastes.

vintage craft: needlepoint pincushion

I didn’t have the right size needlepoint fabric to make the petit point, so I went back to my trusty triangles pattern and voila! A pretty motif the perfect size for my wooden ring. It’s filled with a tight roll of batting on the inside and a circle of cardboard at the bottom with a piece of kraft cardstock covering it (making it smooth).

I don’t know what’s next on my Vintage Craft agenda, but I do have a ton of beautiful books to look through. I saw a knitting stitch pattern that was a bit intriguing. I may adapt it into something else.

Won’t you join the vintage craft fun?


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