A day of crochet


Pattern (adapted from): Flowers in the Snow
Yarn(s): various worsted weight acrylics I had leftover from other projects
Hook: I (5.5 mm)

Yesterday, it rained all day long. ALL.DAY.LONG. I pretty much jogged to my son’s school (the drizzle was cold and I thought I was late–I wasn’t, which leads me to the conclusion that I need a watch synced to school time) and my Keens are still sad.

ANYWAY. It was the perfect weather for crocheting. My littlest didn’t wake up til 10am (!!!), so I actually got in a solid 2 hours of crochet during the morning.

One of my 25 before 26 goals was to make a big afghan. Um…I have yet to start. I really liked this pattern, but I wanted to see if it would be quicker than making a regular granny square afghan. How would I know?! A pillow!

I started the squares for this on Friday night. I made most of the colored circles through the weekend and got started on the ‘linen’ colored edges as soon as my oldest went to school. I used the method in the pattern for crocheting the edge and joining at the same time. It was surprisingly fast!

After I had the front done (within the 2 hours in the morning), I set to work on the back, using up most of the little scraps I had left. I worked on it throughout the day, finishing up the back by the time my husband came home from work. Thank goodness for grandma, who took the little one before I had to run to school (and get all wet)! I finished putting it together, and did all the weaving in of ends, late in the evening, after all the routine hustle. I just crab-stitched it all together. I like the faux-piping look.

I love projects that use up these little bits of yarn I have! I give a resounding THUMBS UP to this project. Now, I need to figure out my colors for the afghan! I’m thinking various shades of blue and yellow, accented in white.

pretty pillow

I think it looks pretty good on my loveseat.

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