Greenish Sunday

Debra Parker put out a green photo challenge for the weekend. We went thrifting on Sunday all around town and I saw MANY green things, but my camera was taking a nap on my dining room table where, in the hustle and bustle to get ready to leave, I guess I placed it. I didn’t realize it wasn’t in my bag until we were on the highway. My speedlight and other accessories were in there, though! Oh well. My Project 365 photo for the day was taken late in the evening. It was an appropriate thrift find for the season.

ANYWAY, I made sure my camera was the first thing that went into my bag on Sunday. We spent most of the morning lazing around the house, then the afternoon was spent at Grandma Linda’s. The weather was beautiful for the first half of the day, then it got doomy gloomy. Here’s some of the green from my day:

green waffles

green sign

23.365: Welcome!

green plants

green sippy

green hose

green swing

1. green waffles from the Vietnamese bakery called Parisian. They’re the best waffles I’ve ever had. I don’t know why they’re green. Pistachios? just a random food coloring? *shrug*
2. on our way to grandma’s!
3. friendly greetings
4. perils of winter
5. sippy
6. hose
7. swing

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