Project 365 of 2011

Hola! I didn’t mean to start the year off as an inactive blogger. I feel like things got a little overwhelming at the end of 2010. You know what my favorite part of December was? Making all those hats for my family. Yep. I felt like it was a while since I actually made something meaningful.

Not to say I don’t put heart into everything my fingers create–I just hadn’t really felt it. You’re smart, I’m pretty sure you get it.

ANYWAY! I want to put thoughts behind my actions more often than I have in the past. I want to start feeling more. I want to feel and see and remember.

SO! Let me introduce you to my new Project 365. I finished one in 2009. I skipped last year, for whatever reason, and decided sometime late 2010 that I would pick it back up in 2011.

And here we are! I made a separate blog and it will be updated with only the photo of that day + a little description or life-snippet. Check it out, if you feel so inclined:


3 comments to Project 365 of 2011

  • MegNo Gravatar

    I love looking at your photos, your photos are a big part of why I want to pursue my passion for photography (just wanted you to know that), I asipire to take as lovely of photos as you do! Thank you Lisa!


  • Wow, beautiful beautiful, Lisa! The 365 project is so cool; I consider doing it every year, then think that I would never keep it up and so never bother to start. Terrible, I know. Maybe next year…

  • I love project 365. It’s made me realise that while my photography isn’t great (like yours! Wow), it’s at least progressing.