It’s love.

13.365: it's love

Yes. It is.
And Nathan said he wants to give some to all the kids in his class for Valentine’s Day. He said he’ll write all their names on them. gah! Cute.


I’m going to need some more ink (in many colors!) for that endeavor.

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  • They look awesome!! Block printing sounds so fun – congrats on the new hobby!

  • Oh man. I may need to try block printing. Especially since it’s such a cheap hobby. I’ve decided that I will learn to embroider this year. I have to.
    Mostly because of this:

    • embroidery is pretty easy! It’s a little tedious, but worth the effort! Same goes for cross-stitch. I love the heck out of it, but I only tackle 1-2 projects per year because it takes so long (for me at least).

  • ReneeNo Gravatar

    Oh that is soooo sweet that he wants to give them out as Valentines. :)

  • Look at your magic lino woman!! I’m loving your style (but what else is new?)!

    I stayed up WAY too late last night reading your sidewalk birth story. I’m sorry I keep bringing this up. I just can’t stopped be amazed by your bad-assedness. Also, you made me cry. Way to go. I also have symptoms of baby fever.

    • Memories of his birth shielded me from some really heavy emotional stuff I ended up going through later in the year. I am always so so soo grateful it happened the way it did. It wasn’t ideal, but it was so beautiful. The sun was in my eyes while I held him for the first time. No, it wasn’t ideal–it was perfect.

      I’m stumped on my next lino design. I know I want a goodknits stamp, but beyond that…umm I keep trashing my doodles.

  • Super cute! They make simple but really adorable note cards!

  • MegNo Gravatar

    They look great! Yet another craft you are amazing at my friend! I hope you have a great weekend…i am so excited to use my new flash, but my computer is dead so i cant post any i take…makes me sad.

  • That looks great. I’ve been following you on blog lovin’ I thought I’d come over here and say hi! :)

  • You have just inspired me to go back to this! I used to do this “scratch boards” years ago and I put them away after not knowing what else to do. This is wonderful…Thank YOU!