Crafty Garage Sale update

zip up!

I sold the cross-stitch fabric and now have ZIPPERS up for sale! They’re pretty inexpensive, IMO, at 50 cents a pop. There’s also an option to buy all 36. If you do a lot of sewing with zippers, I think this would be a great deal! I have accumulated them from various places over the years. I had high hopes for my sewing skills, but alas they remain small and I really just want to declutter.

If you’re interested, take a look! The crafty garage sale…

vintage zippers

I love the old packaging on some of these vintage ones.

2 comments to Crafty Garage Sale update

  • I cannot believe i have never seen your site before! I am in love. I love your tutorial for crochet slippers!! I recently learnt crochet so its on my to do list :) I will eventually be posting my final slippers (if i ever finish them) i will definitely link back to the fab tutorial i found on your blog! I love those zipper packages… im checking out the sale now xo