when I’m too lazy to knit…

I do something else. I can’t NOT do anything with my hands. I’ll try to make anything you show me the directions to. I’m not all that creative, I just kinda have to make things. Show me how to do something and I will do it.

365.239: woven fabric & yarn

I knew the basics of weaving, but I didn’t want to make huge pieces of cloth, nor did I really have the tools for traditional weaving (like a loom). So, when I found some directions for making a woven scrap journal, I started right away! You should make one, too! I already have a second one started. I am doing all the fun stuff right now and will add some paper to them later, maybe this weekend.

My current WIPs include an adult-sized sweater and a baby blanket. The large amount of stitches make them monotonous to work on. SO monotonous that I bought some lace yarn (mad props to Ravelry for the trade/sell option on the stash page) to make another Swallowtail Shawl. I need something a little more challenging! Plus, I remember being really happy after I knit my first. Remember that one? TWO YEARS AGO?! *sigh* Nathan was a baby, not a menacing pre-kindergartener with a Mickey Mouse tattoo, sporting terrifying baby guns.

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