Thrift Score of the Weekend

288.365: the thrifted basket

A pretty pretty golden yellow waste bin for my yarn. I immediately came home, lined it with some fabric, and filled it with balls of yarn.

the most appropriate bumper sticker

120.365: thrift store love

Because we totally do.
In fact, we stopped at Value Village after dinner on Friday night and I found some vintage yarn and adorable little fella:

diptych: the owl cookie jar

Have you come across any sweet thrift scores lately? Do share!

thrifted: craft supplies

knitting needles and doilies

Before 7am on Saturday morning, I was setting up a little garage sale with my madre. I was semi-successful in getting rid of old clothes and stuff. Enough to make me look forward to a future garage sale and de-cluttering the downstairs walk-in, which was the place we hid our non-essentials when we first moved in. Even my son made a couple of bucks selling his toys.

After we finished packing some stuff up, I took a shower and we headed to our favorite thrift store about an hour before close. It’s a ministry shop, so there’s always new things and usually my favorite types–stuff from an old lady’s craft basket.

doily closeups

Sunshine did not disappoint! I found: a little box full of crocheted lace (doilies and collars), a few sets of knitting needles, including 4 sets of DPNs and a circular, and some embroidery floss.

We headed across town to my uncle’s house and stopped at a thrift store we used to go to every weekend. There, I found this old plastic faux-woven box, a pyrex fridgie, a few bags of needlepoint supplies (wool & canvas!), 3 fabric button kits, a polaroid camera, a sun tea pitcher, and more.

107.365: crafty thrift scores

It was definitely my lucky day in terms of craft supplies.

Later, I’ll share a new hat! The shape of the week (maybe month, now?) was triangles. Andrew is pretty good with shapes, so I tried getting him to draw one. No luck, but he likes pointing them out, so that’s good. Anyway, I did some needlepoint triangles last weekend and this past weekend I knit some. More details later!

Sunshine Resale

72.365: from sunshine

I talked about my favorite thrift store, last April. That was before we moved across town. Before I could head over there every Saturday morning just to browse and always end up with a bag of lovely stuff. I’m sad to report I only get to visit once every month or two. It depends on how busy we are or if we want to visit people over there.

Because a girl needs a good thrift home, the family and I have been regularly visiting shops nearby. There’s actually quite a few around here–a Value Village, Salvation Army, a few Goodwills, and then there are the ohsosweet resale shops run by various churches.

The one we find ourselves visiting most often is aptly named Sunshine. It’s a pretty small shop in a strip center. It’s small to the point of there not being aisles, but rather “roads” around and through stuff. It’s remarkably easy to navigate, though. It’s not messy and I always, always, always find some sort of treasure.

We went there on Saturday and after picking up some melmac teacups, I landed in the craft/fabric/sheets section. It’s really 2 big utility shelves facing each other with a tension rod between them. The fabric and sheets are on one shelf and the other has boxes of craft leaflets among other discarded kits and/or half-done projects. Anyway, I decided I should browse the leaflets. There was no sign telling me how much they were, so I went through and found about 12 that I liked–cross-stitch, knitting, bargello, etc. I also checked out the fabric and found a pretty yellow floral queen sheet and a floral heavyweight piece of fabric.

I waltzed up to the counter with my loot and was informed fabric and linens were half off that day. Score!

Then, I was told the leaflets were 25 cents a piece. The sweet lady asked if that was ok. UHHH YEAH. Double score!

THEN, my darling husband came up to me with a rectangular box. I thought, “oh brother, what now? MORE CARS?!” but NO! It was something for me! Two different Fiskars cutters–an oval and a circle. Dude remembered me nagging about the price of them at Michael’s once. ha! They were still in their original package and there was even a set of replacement blades. All in a convenient case and for $3. Triple score!

All that to say–Sunshine is officially my new favorite thrift store.