Touch of Spring

54.365: potted

Who’s ready for Spring?! As much as I love winter and not sweating my bum off all day everyday, I cannot wait for flowers and plants and COLOR everywhere. I bought some new baby succulents a little while ago, when my husband was out of town. I also acquired 3 fruit trees for our backyard! They’re babies and probably won’t bear fruit for a while, but I’m excited at the prospect. AND for the shade. Summers are rough around here.


49.365: new succulents

51.365: kalanchoe love

50.365: little lemon tree

black prince echeverias

52.365: overflowing princes

Remember my little Black Prince echeverias?? They’re so big now! They’ve outgrown their little planter (DIY here) and need a new one. Maybe I’ll work on that, this week.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Black Prince Blooms

317.365: the black prince blooms!




blooming heart

The August Break 30

The August Break 30

I titled this photo ‘Drama King’ but really it is a small Black Prince Echeveria I’ve been growing from a leaf cutting. It’s thriving in my window sill, but I think it might need to be re-potted soon, as it is outgrowing the current home it shares with a perle, also grown from leaf cutting.


The August Break 27

The August Break 27

This little echeveria is about 1.5-2″ wide. I took the photo using a close-up filter on my lens, much like these. They’re super handy when you want to get up close and personal with things.

The August Break 08

The August Break 08

I’m still using my hazy black and white Photoshop action, so I guess it’s a keeper!