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Photoshop: Hazy B&W

190.365: the talking face

Oh, Andrew. Here’s some proof that if you are talking while I am photo-taking, you will look silly. He was telling me about this headband my sister put on him. It was all sorts of cute!

I finished up my week of black & white, today. I’ve really fallen in love with photoshop, lately. I have been using my Summer Haze action (with tip) a lot for my color photos and then one day I played it on my black and white images and loooved the slightly hazy look it gave! I ended up tweaking the layers a bit, so I came up with a new action to make it easier/faster to get hazy B&W images. If you’re interested in trying it out, download the action HERE (right click, save). Let me know what you think?

The August Break 08

the brothers

diptych: bored brothers

the handsome #1

post-script: I pulled a winner for the apron giveaway! Congratulations to Fiona!!

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