Greetings and a sale


I went to a cookie exchange and ended up being so full I could hardly look at my cookies when we were getting ready to leave. I consider that a successful party. Kudos to my aunt for totally decking the halls right. These ornaments hanging from the ceiling are the best. I couldn’t help taking a snapshot or two.

I ended up taking a combination of raspberry thumbprints and raspberry thumbprints covered in white chocolate ganache. Yeah, they were as good as they sound. The recipe is the same I’ve been using for the past couple of years. I can repeat it from memory, but I’ll just share the link. I skip the glaze. I’m just not too gung-ho about glaze.

Anyway! Did you know Christmas is next weekend??! Of course! I refuse to answer the question of whether or not I’m ready, or have done all my shopping, or have planned what, when, where, why we’ll do what we do. Let’s just enjoy these days. I have a 5 year-old who is off from school, so I’m going to be taking my vitamins, drinking my coffee, and trying not to let every little thing annoy the heck out me. I’m going to water my fuse and hope it grows.

On that note–winter is a few days away! If you find your noggin to be a little chilly, might I interest you in a little sale?


Get 20% off your entire goodknits order by entering the code WINTER2010 at checkout!

I hope the second half of your weekend is wonderful! Don’t let the little things get you–just smoooosh ’em.

Giving thanks & a sale

Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals. Happy Thursday to the lovely rest of you.

My boys are all down for the count, so I’m slaving away in internet-land.

I’m thinking of the tradition we usually do at my aunt’s, right before Thanksgiving lunch. I’m sure many of you do the same–we each say one (or more) things we’re thankful for. Admittedly, this gives me anxiety. My palms get sweaty as the non-existent teddy bear gets passed around. I am generally shy, so opening up on that level, even with people who changed my diapers, makes my heart beat a little faster. I can ramble for pages on the topic of things I’m thankful for, but getting me to actually SAY the words…out loud…in a group setting…with hungry people…and kids… “well, hurry up already!”

ALRIGHT! So. I’m thankful for a few things, this year.

My family. Oh, my family. From the three boys I couldn’t live without to the extended group of people who just make this life easier (and/or harder). My beautiful kids, my hard-working husband, my worrying mom, my hilarious sister, my adoring father. I love them with words that my heart cannot even express.

My home. A house! After sharing a room for years, we now have space. We have a backyard. Ah, I love having a backyard.

Blogs. I have “met” so many kindred spirits all because of these wonderful little blogs. I am so thankful for this network of absolutely amazing and fascinating people. I never though I could feel so close to people so far. That means you. I am thankful for those who read and comment and connect with me….us! Thank you for the support, the encouragement, the inspiration.

To show my appreciation and because I KNOW there’s someone out there who is looking for something to keep their head warm this coming winter, how about a little Thanksgiving sale?

give thanks sale

All items will ship free in the US and Canada and for a flat rate of $6 everywhere else.

PLUS! Enter the code THANKS2010 to receive 20% off your entire order! The sale will go on until 11:59pm CST on Monday, November 29. All orders over $10 will still receive their free doily ornament.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Pass out hugs. There’s bound to be someone who really needs one.

’tis the season!


For ornaments! And more specifically, little doily snowflake ornaments. Yes, my fingers hurt, but oh it hurts so so good! I really dig making these babies and I really, really, like the way they look hanging about my house. I contemplated just keeping them all. But that would be greedy! So, if you’d like to add some to your holiday decor, or to your Christmas tree, please do check them out, in the shop.

They are being sold in sets of 3, with discounts if you buy more than 1 set. I have some available in cream (shown, ecru, and light teal).

Also! Every order over $5 from now until mid-December gets a free one! So, why don’t you check out the newest additions to my sale section?

I’m going to have some new hats to show off, this week, so stay tuned for those! I went yarn shopping the other day and went mush at the feel of some of this wool!

Sale change!

There are only about 3 days left of the goodknits end-of-summer-sale. I have 18 items left in the shop and would love to empty it out before the end of the month to make room for fall/winter wares. Because of this, I’ve changed the sale from a BOGO 50% off sale to a BOGO FREE sale. That’s right! Buy one item and get the second of equal or lesser value for FREE! I will issue refunds via PayPal, or if you would like an updated invoice or a reserved listing, I could do that. Just let me know!

little sedeveria

Thanks for the support!