PX 100 Silver Shade (The Impossible Project) in the Polaroid SX-70. Taken in December, scanned in March.

I unintentionally turned into an absentee blogger, this week! I have been working on items for the shop (it’s so bare!*) and two different patterns, so blogging is on the back-burner. I do apologize. I have things I want to share, but I like to keep them in until they’re perfect for you guys. I’ll get back on the blogging-horse soon.

My birthday is this week and I want to have a little giveaway, so make sure to come back sometime on Wednesday!

*Psssst! There are less than TEN (10!) copies of Lace Love remaining!!! Get one while you can!

the early Christmas presents

356.365: the early christmas presents

for him: a vintage cardigan I found on Etsy.
for me (I buy myself gifts, so what?!): film for my SX-70 (PX 100 UV+ from the Impossible Project)

Sunday afternoon polaroids

sunday polaroids

polaroids taken with my spectra and edge-cut softtone film from the impossible project.

It took me a while to get used to my Spectra again. I loooonged for the single-lens-reflex of the SX-70. Oh, to be able to manually focus and seeee what you’re focusing on in the viewfinder. Shooting with the Spectra jets me down nostalgia lane. Some of my old pals may remember when Andy was a fattyfatfatty? Or when Nathan used to spend his days looking outside a third-story window? Sigh.

sleeping yarn

I haven’t been sharing any crafty goodness, but I HAVE been making things and planning others. I picked up my knitting needles for the first time in a while, the other day. I gathered some yarn in a basket for me to have downstairs at my disposal. I am one of those people that needs to see things and feel them to get inspired to create. I like having this basket around while I do other [more mandatory] things around the house. When I have to rock the toddler to sleep or sit down to catch my breath, I can look at the basket and think of what I’m going to make next; what I’d rather be doing: knitting.

sleeping yarn

I took this photo with my Polaroid SX-70 camera and The Impossible Project’s newest film–PX 70 FF Color Shade. I love the soft color and blue tone. I had a tough time with my first pack of film, but I learned some things about my camera. I think that’s why they have the 2+1 starter packs–the first is just practice!

Polaroid Week: day 4

365.308: bedhead

Day 4 (309/365): Upon waking, this guy is usually a grump and a half. Today, though, he was happy! Maybe it was the wicked bedhead? I refuse to cut his hair, guys! It’s just so lovely. Even when it’s messed up “like a cow chewed his head.”