Polaroid Week 2009

Did you know it was ‘Roid Week on Flickr? It started on the 2nd, Monday, and runs through Friday. The weird thing is I DIDN’T KNOW, but I pulled out my Spectra on Halloween and have been snapping photos with it since then. I’m on my last pack and what a way for it to go out, no? It was like Polaroider-intuition that I rekindle my Spectra love affair on ‘Roid Week 2k9. Here’s what I’ve submitted thus far. All of these were taken with expired (10/07–2 years ago!) IMAGE film:

365.305: nate's double

Day 1 (also 306/365): I have 2 sets of filters. I started experimenting with the F111 filter. It covers half the lens & viewfinder for neat double exposures! I actually had no idea what it was for and hadn’t used it. I want to do a “yarn head” photo. I just need someone to take [half of] it for me.

365.306: sunshine

Day 2 (307/365): Just a photo of the sun coming through the blinds.

305.307: sleepy feet

Day 3 (308/365): This is my favorite, so far. It was a triumph. I got the baby down for a nap after days of boycotting (hello, little one, 10 minutes while you’re nursing is NOT a nap!), which led to crazy meltdowns. By who? You’ll never know. Not even the shutter and subsequent spitting of a Polaroid woke him! He was tired. I very nearly fell asleep with him.

Stay tuned, the next couple of days, for more! Check out my Polaroid Set for my older ones. I have a ton on my computer I haven’t uploaded. Maybe I’ll get to that later.

365.22: Polaroidish

we went back to the park, today. it’s a little walk from our apartment and good exercise for Nathan me! this was taken with my Spectra. the film expired in October 2007, hence the yellowish tint and imperfections at the bottom & top of the image.