Crochet: Big Berry

diptych: big berry

Pattern: Offset Shell stitch blanket
Yarn: 6 skeins Red Heart Soft in berry
Hook: 6mm (US J)
Starting chain: 132
40″ x 45″
10/18-10/29: 11 days
See previous post for more photos/details!

After working the pattern, I crocheted this row: SC in first ch-1 sp, *Ch 3, SC in next ch-1 sp; Rep from * to end. This made the edge a bit more even. At the end of it, I immediately turned the blanket and started working down the side. I made 2 SC in the side of each row and then worked across the back of the beginning chain, up the other side, and across my last row. I made 5 SC rounds, then worked the crab stitch around once.

The baby shower is today and I’m super excited to give this to the mama to be! I hope she likes it.

big berry3

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On the Hook: Big Berry

Big Berry

One of my cousins is having a baby in mid-December. It’s A GIRL. This is amazing because in the past 8.5 years, there have been 10 babies born to myself + my closest cousins and only 3 were girls. This is #11 and she’s a girl, so we only need 3 more girls in a row after her to be even! ha! Boys are fun, though. I love all the babies equally (though obviously mine are the best;))!

Anyway, I spent a little too much time thinking about what blanket to make and eventually picked the Offset Shell stitch. I’ve made a few of these blankets, but my favorite was Big Red. It was SO bright and SO big. I loved it. I considered making another chevron blanket, but I asked papa what the theme was and he said, “solid dark pinks…bold feminine colors…” so I began the hunt for the prettiest and boldest dark pink, newbie-friendly yarn.

Berry Offset Shell

I started on Friday while my kids were in school. My beginning chain was 132 with a 6mm (US J) hook. This gives me a width of about 37″, but the stitch pattern is semi-lacy, so it has a bit of stretch. I imagine it stretching out nicely after a wash or two. I only bought 5 skeins of yarn (Red Heart’s Super Saver Soft in Berry) to start, but I think I’ll need at least one more.

Each skein gives me about 13.75 rows. If I stick to 5 for the body of the blanket, it should be about 69 rows (39-40″ tall). I want to get to 42″, so I’ll work about 5 or 6 rows with the 6th ball before starting the border.

I’ll post again when I’m done. I’m about 2.5 skeins in. This pattern works up very quickly. I can work a skein in the time it takes to watch a movie. I finished a skein the first night and worked on it a few times over the weekend. I should be done with the 5 skeins by the end of the week.

Berry from above

What have you been working on? Any long term or semi-long term projects? I started this a little late, so I’m trying not to waste any time. I also want to knit or crochet some baby hats for her because, ummmm…winter is coming.

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