the Rudolphs

365.348: the RudolphsOn Saturday evening, Nathan I put together two dozen candy-cane Rudolphs. I remember my mom making these when I was little, so I thought it’d be a cute little party favor for his class.

His teacher bought stockings and asked for stocking stuffers, so I bought some stickers, pencils, erasers, and we put these together. I think I might buy some individually-wrapped fruit leather, as well. Other parents will be contributing as well, so these kids are going to get a stocking stuffed with goodies a whole week before Christmas!

I’m so excited about his first school party! Being in the AM class at his school means this is going to be a breakfast party. He goes in at 7:50 and I’ll be joining him a little after. Party ends at 9:25 (early dismissal)!

It will also be the last day of his first semester of school. I’m so proud of him! He got a report card a few weeks ago and he had met all of the goals that the district (school? teacher? someone?) set for pre-kindergarteners. He knows his ABC’s (what they look like, and the sounds they make), many different shapes & colors, can count, and is “very nice and extremely helpful” amongst other awesome things. So, while he is the one person in the world who knows how to push the exact buttons to make me spontaneously combust in sheer rage, he also makes me laugh the hardest and my heart beat the fastest. School has been a wonderful step in his life. He’s made friends and is starting to become more and more independent. I can’t believe he turns FIVE in 6 short months! That’s half a decade, man! I should start planning a big birthday party. It’s not too early, is it?

Anywho, these candy cane reindeer are supremely easy to make. I didn’t take any photos during the process, but here are some pithy directions, including a materials list.

candy canes
pipe cleaners
jiggly eyes
pom poms
little bells

1. Thread bells onto pipe cleaner and shift to center. Twist pipe cleaner once, to secure bell in center.
2. Attach to candy cane at the top of the arch and twist a few times to secure.
3. Wrap antlers around a pencil or knitting needle to make a coil. Remove pencil and shape antlers.
4. Attach pom pom noses and eyes and let dry.
5. there is no 5. you are DONE.

super easy, no? Nathan helped by attaching all the bells and pulling them to the centers (I had already bent all the pipe cleaners in half). He also would pull out the knitting needle after I coiled the antlers.

rudolph candy cane [3]rudolph candy cane [4]

2 gifts added, 2 completed

I added two gifts to my list and completed them! They’re for my son’s teachers. Neckwarmer, crocheted from chunky yarn. They were super easy.



You can find the quick pattern by clicking [[HERE]].

More shaped bokeh & a kid craft

He’s playing with the straw from my Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee Jason brought me, this morning. It’s the only way I could get him to sit still. That and obnoxiously singing the ABC’s and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. They came out alright, but I still need practice with this. I used the cookie press discs to take them. I am thinking I should lock it between my lens and UV filter, so that it won’t move when I move. The photos are slightly blurred. Or maybe my manual focusing really sucks that much. I’ll practice with Nathan, later!

Speaking of my eldest, when he spent the weekend at Grandma Linda’s (after Thanksgiving), he came home with a lovely pine cone covered in silver glitter ready to hang on our tree. He also had two “naked” pine cones for us to cover ourselves. It’s been nearly two weeks and we’re just getting around to it. We chose purple glitter! One of our ornaments broke, so I super glued the top of it to the pine cone for it to hang. It’s so pretty! Thanks, Grandma Linda!

glittery pinecone [1]

glittery pinecone [2]

a tale of shaped bokeh

365.342: heart bokeh

I bought a vintage cookie press from a thirft store some time last year. I thought it was cool, but I never used it and forgot about it completely until I saw THIS when browsing shaped bokeh photos. I immediately tried thinking of where I put the box that housed MY cookie press. In the closet? In a box with my craft stuff? Surely not in my itty bitty kitchen? I put the baby to bed* and then went downstairs, found a flashlight, and looked under the TV stand. There it was, right where I hid it from a just-crawling-baby-who-wants-everything!

Initially, I tried shaped bokeh with some black cardstock. I wanted the lights on my Christmas tree to be hearts in a photo of my kids (collective “Awwwwwwww!”). My Xacto knife was M.I.A. so I used a box cutter and ended up with a pretty crappy heart, but it still worked, as you can see! It got me super pumped and I had dreams of painstakingly cutting out tiny shapes onto cardstock for various filters. Fast forward to the evening when I see someone used their cookie press discs as shaped-bokeh filters and I go on my little hunt.


cookie press discs

the little dome has a tiny star shaped tip:
star lights

shaped lights [3]shaped lights [2shaped lights [1]

*This is some feat! The past few nights, he has been fighting bedtime with insane sobbing and thrashing for about 4-5 minutes before completely conking out.

Sleepyheads are monsters in disguise

It has been really tough to get Andrew down for a nap, lately. I suspect he’s entering that age where kids decide naps are totally uncool. It’s just too bad they’re pretty much NECESSARY for an 18-month old to be happy. Some days, he goes down after nursing and will sleep for a solid hour or two. Others, he fights it. Like today. I ran away from the situation after attempting to nurse him to sleep no less than THREE separate times. He would look like he’s falling asleep then WHAMBAM he wanted down. Wash, rinse, repeat, and so I just left. He was crying for a bit, but then…there was silence. I uploaded some photos from our Saturday trip to the park, then received an email from Jason that simply said, “come down.” So, I went downstairs and this was the scene:

365.340: sleepy head

Oh, how I love the weekends. When this happens during the week, I just have to keep on washing, rinsing, and repeating.