Cross-Stitching: Superheroes!

cross-stitched superheroes

I know I’ve been a bad blogger, but I hope that with my boys in school I’ll be able to spend some of my free time crafting. Let’s just not look at that pile of laundry on the floor of the bathroom, OK? Thanks.

Moving along…


The lovely Danielle of Kitschy Digitals asked if I would be interested in stitching up some samples of the beautiful patterns available on the site. She specifically wanted me to try out some of the cross-stitch patterns from Wee Little Stitches. Of course I said yes! I mean, cross-stitched superheroes are absolutely too cute to pass up. Plus, I have two boys that kinda love when I make toys (tootin’ my own horn).


I got the Batman and Robin from the AMAZING Superhero Alphabet Cross-Stitch Pattern. We wanted them to be big enough to be squishable dolls, so I knew I’d have to enlarge the pattern. Instead of searching the ‘net for a tutorial, I perused one of my many vintage needlework books. There were two methods that stuck out–using a smaller count fabric or re-charting the pattern by making each 1×1 square a 2×2.

That latter was really intriguing and it was pretty simple to adjust the pattern, but I soon learned it would take FOUR times as long to stitch up. I persisted and ended up with a cute-as-a-button Superman. As much as I loved it, I knew I wanted to make more than one and not spend my entire day cross-stitching. I decided to go with a smaller count fabric.

I used a 40% off coupon (keeping it real) and picked up some Monk’s Cloth at Hobby Lobby. It was my first time using Monk’s cloth…my first time using any evenweave! It was a new skill to learn–not hard, just different than stitching on Aida. I couldn’t find any Aida larger (smaller?) than 11 count, though! The Monk’s Cloth is 7 count and working on it resulted in dolls that are 8-10″ tall. I used my scrap yarn and these babies worked up so fast!

I also made an Iron Man and Incredible Hulk (in the same pattern!):


Their backs are home-decor weight fabric I had hanging about. I used my machine to sew along the edges, leaving the bottoms open for stuffing. I stuffed as firmly as I could and then hand-stitched it closed.

I think I’m gonna have to stitch a Nintendo controller next…for my husband! Or maybe a gorgeous sleepy owl for myself? Thank goodness the boys go to bed at 7. Mama’s got some stitching to do!

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I needed a little break. I’ve spent the past few weeks (3 wks without posting?!) just taking it easy. I haven’t even picked up my camera in 2 weeks!! I just felt like I should try and enjoy this last little bit of Summer.

In the past few weeks we have:
made rock candy
-babysat the newest, littlest addition to our family
-hit up 2 different birthday parties
-visited the drive-in for the very first time
-read A LOT
-knit a bit (me)
-moved rooms (the boys into a bigger space)
-registered for pre-K (Andrew!!)
-listened to countless fart jokes (me)
cross-stitched some super heroes (me again)

It was nice just doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff. There are two weeks left of summer vacation. My littlest will be gone for 3 hours every morning and I’m kind of just going nuts over what I will be doing with my free time. The house could use a bit of organization and it would be really nice to finally get caught up on all my projects. I’m going to miss the little guy, but it’s going to be nice to have that quiet time. He’s super excited and actually thought TODAY was his first day. My sweet, sweet boy. I think he’s going to love school and making new friends.














These were from Friday and Saturday. The party kind of wiped me out, this weekend. I didn’t get a chance to really search out any purple things, so flowers it is!

FYI–the party was a success!! We all had so much fun. My feet were KILLING ME by the end of the day. I don’t think I sat down all day long! I didn’t even eat until people were leaving already. I was having that much fun. ;)

Color Week: GREEN

green amineko



green kalachoe


green fuzz

just GREEN


green washi

SO many shades of green! I love it.

I almost didn’t take these photos. I have been cleaning house all day, preparing for the party on Saturday, and didn’t think I’d make time, but I DID IT. I forced myself to take a break and went outside for some fresh air. Thank goodness. It re-energized me and I think I’ll be able to get through all the laundry, tonight. I also need to finish cleaning the kitchen and then do a quick scrub down of the bathroom. Tomorrow I finish up de-cluttering the living room, dining room, and breakfast room, and then I can put together some party bags, fill the pinata, make some pretzel sticks, get started on the cupcakes, and fix any food that can be done the day before. HIS FRIENDS BETTER SHOW UP. I need lot of people to come so that I will not have done this all in vain!

My May Favorite

my tumbleweeds

But of course! My boys. This is my favorite photo from May. I really loved the lush green grass and their cheesy grins… AND their sunglasses. Who doesn’t love Tumbleweeds?? Speaking of Tumbleweeds, they’re having a FAB.COM sale tomorrow! <--click that link and sign up to see the sale directly! In the photo above, Nathan is wearing his dad's glasses, but I bought him a pair for his birthday. HE TURNED SEVEN (7!), YESTERDAY.

He got tumbled!


His front tooth is coming in! I hope his smile fills in by the end of summer. He’s been waiting for those teeth forforever.

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