the lino carving

December 1

It’s finally here. We’ve been listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate (though the weather is just ugh here in Houston), and decorating. I really like the inspiration this month brings. I want to make so many things. I want to knit all the time. I want to cover everything in stamps or glitter or washi tape. I really wish I felt like this every month of the year.

That lino up there might be my nemesis. It started nicely, but now that I’m done and actually making prints, I don’t know, man. I have had to fine tune it no less than 8 times. I keep finding itty bitty pieces to carve out. I got tempted to just throw it in the trash but, NO….I’ve worked way too hard to just let it go. I had a tough time getting my ink right, but some of the final prints I made last night during my test batch were actually pretty. Today, I finish up our Christmas card! I’m really excited because the photos I took of my boys for it might be my favorites yet. Outtakes:

Christmas Card 2012: outtake, 2 Christmas Card 2012: outtake


Christmas countdown!

the advent tree & tree

Or advent calendar. Whatever you want to call it, it’s hanging on my foyer wall.

I spent the past week browsing Pinterest and just becoming so overwhelmed with advent calendar ideas. I kept complaining, “we neeeeed a calendar. we neeeeed a countdown. blah, blah, blaaaaaaah.” Finally, yesterday, I stopped complaining and went to Hobby Lobby for supplies. While taking Andrew to the bathroom (OF COURSE), I noticed the shelf with wood sheets and my mind flashed to the few scrap wood trees I’d seen in my Pinterest perusing. Bingo!

I loved the look of the scrap trees, but I wanted something really quick and easy. You can see the exact materials I used, below:

I stamped the numbers using a set my MIL gave me a few years ago. Everything is hot glued together and it hangs with a small piece of yarn. I’m going to fill the tiny envelopes with activity prompts and/or chocolates (I’m thinking Andes!) for both boys. I’m glad I got it done on time. They are super excited for tomorrow! I’m just a little terrified that 2012 is already so close to being over. How’d it go by so quickly?!

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The book character parade was all sorts of adorable. My kids looked like THIS before school. My heart went all mushy for my baby in overalls. I wish he could wear them all the time. For trick or treating, Waldo turned into some sort of zombie thing and the little mouse transformed into Darkwing Andrew. I didn’t get around to finding a duck bill, so we sort of nixed the duck part. He still looked pretty darn cute.



[You can see past Halloween photos HERE]

While they went trick or treating, I sat around and handed out candy. I got only a handful of trick or treaters before 7:30. The big groups started coming after 8, which is when I went in to get the boys ready for bed. Jason handed out the rest of the bucket and that was that.

Helloooo, November.



My little family went camping, this weekend. It was my first time ever. Same for my boys. My husband, on the other hand, is an Eagle Scout and has been itching to go camping for the past few years. I finally felt confident enough to take the boys. It was so much fun! We were there during Astronomy Day, so we got to visit the observatory and look through the giiiiant telescope. It was rad.

little tent

our little abode for the night. FUNNY STORY: We slept right under a pecan tree and the wind knocks them out. OF COURSE, when it’s 3am and you hear branches snapping you don’t think “pecans” you think “vicious tree monster that’s about to eat my children.” The coyotes howling did not help this anxiety. I wasn’t really planning on getting the boys up to see the meteor shower, but being in the tent alone with them (Jason was insistent he’d go see them either way) kinda made me nerrrvous, so we all got up from 3-4am and saw shooting stars. Win win!












From the Tower

It was beautiful.

Do you like camping? Do you get scared of howling in the night and branches snapping above your head??



I needed a little break. I’ve spent the past few weeks (3 wks without posting?!) just taking it easy. I haven’t even picked up my camera in 2 weeks!! I just felt like I should try and enjoy this last little bit of Summer.

In the past few weeks we have:
made rock candy
-babysat the newest, littlest addition to our family
-hit up 2 different birthday parties
-visited the drive-in for the very first time
-read A LOT
-knit a bit (me)
-moved rooms (the boys into a bigger space)
-registered for pre-K (Andrew!!)
-listened to countless fart jokes (me)
cross-stitched some super heroes (me again)

It was nice just doing stuff for the sake of doing stuff. There are two weeks left of summer vacation. My littlest will be gone for 3 hours every morning and I’m kind of just going nuts over what I will be doing with my free time. The house could use a bit of organization and it would be really nice to finally get caught up on all my projects. I’m going to miss the little guy, but it’s going to be nice to have that quiet time. He’s super excited and actually thought TODAY was his first day. My sweet, sweet boy. I think he’s going to love school and making new friends.