My little family went camping, this weekend. It was my first time ever. Same for my boys. My husband, on the other hand, is an Eagle Scout and has been itching to go camping for the past few years. I finally felt confident enough to take the boys. It was so much fun! We were there during Astronomy Day, so we got to visit the observatory and look through the giiiiant telescope. It was rad.

little tent

our little abode for the night. FUNNY STORY: We slept right under a pecan tree and the wind knocks them out. OF COURSE, when it’s 3am and you hear branches snapping you don’t think “pecans” you think “vicious tree monster that’s about to eat my children.” The coyotes howling did not help this anxiety. I wasn’t really planning on getting the boys up to see the meteor shower, but being in the tent alone with them (Jason was insistent he’d go see them either way) kinda made me nerrrvous, so we all got up from 3-4am and saw shooting stars. Win win!












From the Tower

It was beautiful.

Do you like camping? Do you get scared of howling in the night and branches snapping above your head??

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  • amazing photos :) did you enjoy the camping? i love it. hope you go again! such a different set of skills used, and so different from staying in a hotel!

    sounds magical with the shooting stars, but did you get any sleep? looks like a small tent for 4 of you :)


    • I did not sleep very well, no! I kept hearing stuff and scaring myself. AND my oldest kiddo moves A LOT in his sleep. He kept sitting up and leaning on the side of the tent while in his bag. It was ridiculous!

  • I haven’t been camping since before I had kids, I never slept well whenever I did it, I freak out over noises all the time! Sounds like a fun trip that you had :)

    • My oldest kept moving and so my sleep wasn’t that great. The noises were terrible, too! I enjoyed the day and even late evening activities, but the actual sleeping was crap.

  • your boys are getting so big!

    my husband and son love camping too…i’m not so into it…i never sleep well and i get so many bug bites but i love them so i go and try to have fun!

    did you bring any crafty projects with you?

    • I did, but I didn’t get a chance to work on them! We actually forgot our chairs, so it wasn’t very comfortable sitting on the ice chest anyway. Once we got in the tent all I wanted to do was sleeeep.

  • Bari JoNo Gravatar

    I’m more of the indoorsy type… but with three boys – and a hubby who likes to – we did get to enjoy some trips and now that they are grown – I wish we’d have done more!