Crochet: Christening blanket

Crochet: Christening blanket

I get extremely flattered when someone asks me to make them something specific. My mom’s friend recently commissioned a Christening blanket for her new granddaughter. It’s such an important piece of a family’s history! I felt a little intimidated by the significance this might have, but she calmed me down and set me down a simple path: white and square-ish. That’s IT.

Naturally, I scoured the web for Christening blanket patterns and inspiration, but I ended up just using my favorite stitch pattern. The offset shell stitch has been made into many blankets for babies in my family (check out those posts here), so it felt like a good choice.

Crochet: Christening blanket offset shell

I used Bernat’s Softee Baby and a 5mm (US 8/H) hook. My beginning chain was 148 and I worked until it was just about a square. I’m not sure how many rows exactly. I made a single crochet border around the whole thing, then searched for a lacy border to add. I found about a bajillion charts of lace edges on Pinterest and ended up here where I found the lovely border I ended up choosing.

Christening blanket lace corner

After figuring out the number of stitches in the pattern, I made another round of single crochet to adjust my stitch count. Luckily I wasn’t off by too much!

Crochet: Christening blanket

I think it came out lovely. It’s big and squishy and machine washable. It should last a really long time. Who knows, maybe this grandbaby will still have the blanket when she has grandbabies of her own.

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7 comments to Crochet: Christening blanket

  • Bari JoNo Gravatar

    Hello Lisa! Thank you for posting this info – I was just looking for a pattern for a baby blanket and since I’ve loved your doily afghans, I popped on to see what I could find. I have a few baby gifts to make in the next few months and I remembered your offset shell tutorial – thank you so very much! I have a question – when I click on the link here for your border, it takes me just back to your site. I wondered if you could share with me where to find the lovely lace border so I could use it on one of the afghans (assuming I can even figure out how to figure out how to make it work! ha!) Love reading your blog when I get a moment! (Your models are very handsome!)

  • Bari JoNo Gravatar

    Me again! One last question about the christening blanket – can you tell me with starting with 148 stitches, approximately what was the finished size before the border was added? Do you happen to have that in your notes? I was just trying to figure out how many multiples of 4 I wanted to cast on for a smaller baby afghan (rectangle). Thank you!

  • tina ANo Gravatar

    can u tell me where to find the border when i click on here it takes me back to same page thank you

  • HeidiNo Gravatar

    This is beautiful! I am planning on crocheting a christening blanket for my grandchild coming in April. Thank you for the inspiration! But where can I find instructions for the border?

  • SelinaNo Gravatar

    Can you add a link for the border please, when I click on here it just comes back to this same page again. Thank you

  • LorieNo Gravatar

    Please post a link to the border!!

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