Knitting: a cowl from a new stitch


Learn a new stitch: brioche in the round! Two-color brioche is pretty popular, but if you’re just starting out, you should know that solid brioche is really lovely. It’s like a rib, but it’s thicker and stretchier. Perfect for the Fall and Winter! Head on over to the Craftsy Knitting blog to learn how to complete this stitch. After the prep round, there are only two rounds in the stitch pattern. I provided some photos of the steps used in each round, so take it slow and you should be alright! If you have any questions, let me know! I love to help.

brioche stitch cowl

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3 comments to Knitting: a cowl from a new stitch

  • Nice! I love this color combination!

  • Brioche knitting is a technique that creates a reversible, ribbed fabric that is thicker and stretchier than traditional ribbing. Brioche can be knit with one or two colors, and it’s typically worked with a larger needle than the yarn calls for to create a looser, more airy fabric.

  • The honeycomb stitch creates a beautiful, interlocking pattern that resembles the cells of a beehive. It’s perfect for blankets, scarves, or even as a panel on a sweater.