Crochet: Getting Cozy

Getting cozy

Last week, I wrote a post for the Craftsy blog about post stitches. If you aren’t familiar with post stitches, or you need a refresher, check it out here- Add a Little Texture: A Tutorial for Crochet Post Stitches.

The result of my little tutorial was this really sweet ribbed mason jar cozy.

crochet rib

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy (fingering weight)
Hook: 3.75 mm (US F)
Pattern: I chained an even number to fit around my jar, then joined to make a circle, being careful not to twist the chain. I made a round of DC, then the next rounds were made by alternating front- and back-post double crochet stitches. Check out this post on Craftsy for more information about post stitches. You can make it as tall as you want. I only wanted to cover the center portion of my glass, so I made 12 rounds of DC and a final round of SC at top.

Crochet rib mason jar cozy

Are you keeping cool this summer? I sometimes struggle with getting enough water, so I’m filling a BIG bottle everyday and then just setting the goal to finish it by the end of the day. It does indeed help to measure out what I need at the beginning of the day instead of trying to remember how many glasses I’ve drunk. I am SO bad at logging water/food/whatever!

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FREE Knitting Stitches Bundle from Craftsy!

FREE Knitting Stitches bundle on Craftsy

Hey, guys! I hope you’ve had a great week. I’m here to share a bundle of knitting stitches I contributed to. It is seven basic knitting tutorials bundled into a REALLY sweet file. Like the title says, it’s completely FREE. The layout of the files is top notch and really easy to follow. I think it would be a great companion for new knitters who are looking to branch out. Give it a look! The tutorials I contributed are:

A guide to Garter Stitch on Craftsy

Linen Stitch Tutorial

Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

How to Knit Bobbles

Let me know what you think! Are you a new knitter? Thinking of learning? I learned to crochet before I knit, so I love to talk to crocheters who are *thinking* of adding knitting to their yarny crafts but just don’t know where to start.

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Goodknits for Craftsy

First: Hi! I hope you had a nice Easter weekend. We were on the go Friday through Sunday. I was completely exhausted by the end (also fighting some sort of sick that made things harder/more dramatic than they needed to be), but we had a great weekend!

Second: Come check out the blog’s new look! I actually put it up a while ago, but hadn’t officially “announced” it yet. I de-cluttered the sidebars a bit and composed an actual page with all my patterns and/or tutorials! Check THAT out, here: PATTERNS & DIY.

Third: Here are three posts I have written for the Craftsy blog recently. I’ve begun to write a few more crochet pieces. It was my first love and I’m always happy to share it!

tutorial: crochet roses
Make an Everlasting Rose: A Crochet Tutorial (GREAT for Mother’s Day!)

Four decorative crochet stitches
4 Decorative Crochet Stitches for You to Try!

A Guide to Garter Stitch
A Guide to Garter Stitch: All You Need to Know

One of my very favorite things about writing for the Craftsy blog is designing the title image. Ha!

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Goodknits for Craftsy (huge round-up!)

Since the last time I posted about Craftsy, I have written quite a few posts for their knitting blog. I tend to average about one a week, though February was a big month and I wrote seven. A few of the posts are round-ups, which start with a topic and then evolve into a round-up of interesting/related patterns from the Craftsy community. You can find my profile here, which includes links to ALL my posts. I thought I’d share my top 10:

I-cord bind off tutorial
I-cord Bind Off Instructions & Tutorial

Designing & Knitting with eyelets
Designing & Knitting with Eyelets

+Beginner Lace Knitting: Tips for Getting Started
+Explore the Different Types of Lace Knitting Stitches

Kitchener Stitch Tutorial
Kitchener Stitch Tutorial

Long Tail Cast-on Tutorial
Long Tail Cast-on Tutorial

What is Continental Knitting?

Knit a custom cup cozy
Knitting & Recycling: how to knit a custom cup cozy

How to Knit Bobbles
How to Knit Bobbles

Linen Stitch Tutorial
Falling in Love with Linen Stitch

As you can see, I have a tendency to post beginner tutorials. I love spreading the joy of knitting to those who might feel a little intimidated by the process. I know that when I started knitting, I thought it was boring as hell. I could not get into it! I hope that these posts on Craftsy will help new knitters discover techniques and skills to enjoy knitting more.

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Knitting: a cowl from a new stitch


Learn a new stitch: brioche in the round! Two-color brioche is pretty popular, but if you’re just starting out, you should know that solid brioche is really lovely. It’s like a rib, but it’s thicker and stretchier. Perfect for the Fall and Winter! Head on over to the Craftsy Knitting blog to learn how to complete this stitch. After the prep round, there are only two rounds in the stitch pattern. I provided some photos of the steps used in each round, so take it slow and you should be alright! If you have any questions, let me know! I love to help.

brioche stitch cowl

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