A Yarn Bowl & Knitting

Disclosure: Yarn bowl provided by uncommon goods. All photos and words are mine.



After my last post, I completely changed my mind about the sweater I wanted to knit. Instead of the Lopapeysa style, I decided on a basic striped raglan. I wanted something with a simple design for my son to wear to school in the fall. I sorta kinda already finished it. So much for this being a “summer project!” I’m thinking of adding some little pockets to the front, but not really sure yet. I’m also brainstorming things to bribe him with to wear it in this heat. I need some modeled photos stat!


The good folks over at uncommon goods sent me this absolutely gorgeous birdie yarn bowl (you can get your own HERE) to test and share my thoughts about.


I was in the middle of this project when it arrived, so I just plopped my remaining yarn in as soon as I got the package open. I was knitting the sleeves, so my color changing was coming faster. I found it extremely useful in keeping my little skeins in the right place. Admittedly, when I knit, I keep my supplies on the couch right next to me and they stay there until the end of my project. I loved having my yarn in this bowl to carry around easily when I wanted to knit elsewhere, like outside or at my dining room table during breakfast with my boys.


Two 50 gram skeins fit perfectly in the bowl. I believe you can thread your yarn through the holes in the back, but I was already working, so I just put them through the opening on the side. I thought maybe it would come loose, so I was extremely pleased to be wrong about that! Overall, I see myself using this bowl a ton in the future.


What do you think about getting projects done in the wrong season? I’m so anxious for him to wear this regularly! Summer is just not my season.

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7 comments to A Yarn Bowl & Knitting

  • It looks amazing! Both the sweater and the bowl!!! I have been wanting a yarn bowl. Right now I use a bowl that I glazed myself at a pottery store. But it doesn’t have the cool slot for your yarn :)

  • Oh, my! That sweater is SCRUMPTIOUS! I really love that you’ve added th buttons before doing the arms. I bet the finishing seems less daunting when you do it prior to, well, finishing. :-D

    • YES! Directions said to do body, then sleeves, THEN button band. I did body, button band, half of the buttons, one of the sleeves, the other half of the buttons, and then the last sleeve. The sleeves were really trying! I got tired of stst so quickly!

  • oh my god, that yarn bowl is gorgeous ! thanks for sharing ;)

  • Wow, what a lovely little bowl! (And that sweater also looks super cute.) xoxo

  • Lisa,

    Thanks for showcasing my bowl! I am the designer/creator of the little bird yarn bowl and you did a wonderful job presenting it. I really appreciate you taking the time to evaluate my work! Would you care to do another?