First Project of 2013


01.365: dream in color

Technically, this could be the last project of 2012, but I won’t be finished with it for at least another week. I took a break to work on a doily blanket order, because heeeeyyy– I still have a shop!

Anyway, I cast on December 29. I was browsing Ravelry and remembered this yarn I won in a giveaway from the WEBS yarn store blog…in 2011. Over a year ago! It’s pretty luxe for my taste, so it remained zipped away in a bag, only to be taken out and admired every once in a while. I don’t think I could ever knit cashmere socks, so when I decided I should knit a shawl, this yarn came to mind immediately. It’s Smooshy with Cashmere by Dream in Color (here). It’s supremely soft and the colors are nothing short of perfect.



I’m using the tried and true Swallowtail Shawl pattern from Evelyn Clark (on Ravelry), which is now available for free! I first knit this pattern when it came out in Interweave Knits (Fall ’06). I started it in March of ’07, then it hibernated through the Spring, and I finished it at the end of summer. I am a crocheter first, so this is the most intricate knitting I’ve ever ventured. I hope to change that, this year! I want to write more crochet patterns, of course, but I also want to knit more complicated designs. I guess this could be considered a crafty resolution! Get intricate. Work my crafty brain out! And also blog more. I miss craft blogging.

Did you set any crafty resolutions?? I want to know!

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  • Those colors are incredible!

  • Beautiful colors! My first project is a hat. My goal this year is to get familiar with more complex crochet. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I’m a big fan of the doily! I like working vintage patterns, which you can usually find in old leaflets at the thrift store. You could also try your hand at amigurumi. Those are always fun and a good way to practice increasing and seaming.

  • Beautiful yarn! I knit two mini Swallowtails for Christmas presents a few years ago, and now I think I might need one for myself…

  • Oh my! That yarn is delicious. I want to reach into my screen and steal it from you. That is going to be one gorgeous shawl when it’s done.

  • Just beautiful!!!! I just learned to knit in the round on New Year’s Day, so I have a few knitting projects in mind for myself. I can’t wait to see this shawl when it is done. The colors are divine!!!

    • Thank you! And how exciting! I remember the long tube I made when I first started knitting in the round. I think it’s what really got me excited about knitting. When I first learned flat knitting, I thought it was SO boring. I had nightmares about endless stockinette.

  • I have goals to knit more, blog more and challenge myself more.
    I visit here often to get a dose of inspiration.
    I happen to have the same Smooshy yarn and I knitting arm warmers.
    Happy crafty New Year!

    • Thank you! Happy crafty New Year to you, too!

      Those are great goals. I want to blog more, too. I’m brainstorming some ideas, but waiting for my kiddos’ winter break to finish, so I can really get down to business.

  • the pattern is lovely, so long in my queue,love the color!

    • It’s a really great pattern. When I first knit it, I was so scared of it and it took me forever, but now? I’m already on the border patterns! It’s 200 stitches now, so I’m going slower, but it’s really fun!

  • Hi Lisa,
    I think it is funny that you and I, who are both crocheters first, start the year off with a knit shawl! I started mine the other day and while the pattern is much more basic then yours, it is still a challenge for me because I don’t knit often!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Wonderful! I don’t knit as much because I think I’m pretty slow at it. Crochet is always such instant gratification. I’m really enjoying this shawl pattern, though. It is challenging in all the right ways.

  • congrats on challenging yourself! i love your photos they are so dark and seductive!


  • Wow I adore the colour – and I do understand that you didn’t make socks with that lovely yarn – altough it would make nice socks too :)