Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap 2011

CHWH 2011 swap!

I participated in a swap, last month! I heard about CHWH about a week after it closed, last year. This year, I was kind of on top of things and signed up pretty much immediately after it was posted. I am so glad I did. I had fun creating a package for my partner, Olivia.Dee, and was so happy when I got mine!

Not only did she send me gloves (touch screen ones! right on time for the new tablet my husband bought. ssssshhh! don’t tell my 6 year old) , she sent me YARN, and pens for my KIDDOS! How thoughtful, no?? They are over the mooooon with them! They were pretty thrilled when I pulled them out of the box. Usually, the stuff that comes in the mail is for…well, ME. And so being able to grab something out of the box was a major YAY for them. THANK YOU, Olivia!

I sent–

332.365: the surprise ball

A SURPRISE BALL! It was my first. I had been wanting to make one for foreverrrr and so when I started keeping track of things to send to her, I somehow realized a ball would be totally awesome to make. Check her blog post if you want to see what was in the very center! I’ll give you a hint: I knit it. I’ll share details of that project soon! They were my Thanksgiving project (last minute, I KNOW! I’m a procrastinator sometimes) and so fun and easy to make!

Thank you so much to Sandy and Ilene for organizing such a wonderful swap. I will most definitely try my best to participate again next year. And thank you again to my swap partner, Olivia! It was a pleasure meeting you via snail mail. :)

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