Day 18: What I wore today


This is what I wore for most of the morning/afternoon while I cleaned and then got through preparing my Lace Love packages to be shipped. THANK YOU to all who have bought their copy! I am so excited for you to receive them. :)

Anyway, I wore a flannel shirt and jeans. No shoes, messy hair, no fanciness whatsoever. What a letdown this post must be!

I’m happy to say I’m wearing something different right now because I’m about to go off on a date with my baby sister (she’ll be 21 in three weeks, so she’s hardly a baby) to see BREAKING DAWN. Yeah! I said it. We’re in our twenties and we like cheesy teenage vampire flicks.

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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  • My sister and I are into it too! I’m going to wait until next weekend to see it though, usually here it’s not as busy the weekend after, I hope it isn’t at least!

  • I like your checkered top! :)

  • But you know what? You look adorable, so not fancy works for you! I like to think it works for me too, but who knows. There is something about being comfortable that makes me super happy! :-)

  • JanelleNo Gravatar

    You look wonderful. And, for what it’s worth, I just turned 40 and still like cheesy teen-age vampire flicks (although, I do eschew & look askance at those who have adult Twilight-themed parties).
    Can hardly wait to get my copy of the book – ordered the other day!

  • JanelleNo Gravatar

    ahem, your book, not Twilight